Awesome Games Done Quick 2017

It is that time of year again! Following last years incredibly successful Summer Games Done Quick, which raised a total of $1,792,632 for Doctor’s Without Borders, Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) will be raising money for The Prevent Cancer Foundation. Last year, Awesome Games Done Quick raised $2,222,791 for The Prevent Cancer Foundation. The marathon will be running all week, for 7 days straight starting Sunday January 7th. You can watch Awesome Games Done Quick on twitch, and they post all speedruns within a couple days of their completion on their youtube channel. You can donate here, while voting for various goals throughout the week.

Here’s the game schedule for Sunday, January 7th. All times are in Eastern, and I have bolded some of my personal favorites. Don’t forget to check back here with me for your daily SGDQ updates!

Time & Length Run Runners Setup Length
12:00 AM I wanna Run the Marathon BBF 0:10:00
0:40:00 any%
12:50 AM Quantum Conundrum Blood_Thunder 0:10:00
0:50:00 Any%
1:50 AM Hyper Light Drifter simplyfir 0:10:00
0:35:00 New Game Alt Any%
2:35 AM Spelunky (HD) Jamie 0:10:00
0:30:00 All Shortcuts + Olmec (solo run)
3:15 AM Kamiko RepentMF 0:10:00
0:26:00 Any% – Yamato
3:51 AM HackyZack Hornlitz 0:10:00
0:10:00 Goal Mode Any%
4:11 AM Armed With Wings: Rearmed halfcoordinated 0:10:00
0:14:00 Any% NG+ (one-handed)
4:35 AM TAIKER halfcoordinated 0:10:00
0:25:00 any% (one-handed)
5:10 AM Cloudbuilt Wobs23 0:10:00
0:55:00 Full Game Defiance
6:15 AM Cat Quest SNeaky 0:10:00
0:40:00 Any%
7:05 AM Densha de D: Lightning Stage Konasumi 0:10:00
0:30:00 Any%
7:45 AM The Addams Family garbanzcurity 0:10:00
0:32:00 all bosses
8:27 AM Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap tinahacks 0:10:00
0:30:00 any% Easy
9:07 AM Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy OutrageousJosh 0:10:00
1:05:00 Any% No LTS
10:22 AM Super Mario Galaxy 360Chrism 0:10:00
2:45:00 any%
1:17 PM Super Monkey Ball Zela1 0:10:00
0:26:00 Beginner, Advanced, Expert Stages
1:53 PM SETUP BLOCK 5 Tech Crew 0:10:00
0:10:00 Any%
2:13 PM Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix HD KHfan169, RebelDragon95 0:10:00
1:00:00 TBD
3:23 PM Pokemon Black/White 2 TrevPerson 0:20:00
3:30:00 Any%
7:13 PM Mega Man 1 – 3 Team Relay Race WhiteHat94, fastatcc, dxtr, coolkid, ColonelFatso, EndySWE, prisi, shoka, Streamline, Zaraki, cyghfer, cassiothird 0:10:00
1:30:00 any%
8:53 PM SETUP BLOCK 6 Tech Crew 0:10:00
0:35:00 Any%
9:38 PM The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time ZFG 0:10:00
4:40:00 100%
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