Tamen De Gushi is back for another installment and if you’re like me then you must be wondering why Sun Jing did not show up to see Qiu Tong after school. Everyone believes it has something to do with the girl at the party, but I disagree. So, why didn’t she show up? Let’s find out…

Sun Jing is all smiles and is looking forward to meeting Qiu Tong after school. While hoping away to the gate of the school, she is stopped by Mo Xioanan who has a confession to make to Sun Jing…

I can’t help but feel so sorry for our friend with the peach coloured hair! We’ve all been in her position so I’m pretty sure we can all sympathise with her situation. Seeing the person you like having feelings for someone else is soul crushing!! I feel like giving her a big massive hug.

I highly doubt that Mo (peach hair girl) is the reason why Sun Jing never turned up to see Qiu Tong and even if she is, I’m 100% sure it’s all a misunderstanding. I don’t think that Mo will try and get between Sun Jing and Qiu Tong. I think she just needs to get it off her chest so she can move on with her life.

Sun Jing is clearly blindsided by her feelings for Qiu Tong that she isn’t even considering this poor girls feelings, or has even picked up that she has feelings for her in the first place, so we cannot really hold it against her character.

I feel this storyline might get a bit more complicated before it gets better. I’m preparing myself for some angst!! I also want to know what happened to the girl at the party. Hopefully she’s okay.

Next Chapter: It’s either going to be a continuation of this chapter or we get to see what one of the side characters are up to. Fingers crossed we get to see Upperclassman again! We also got to see Qin Xiong in this chapter!! It’s been too long!! I hope to see even more of him in the future.

You can read Tamen De Gushi here

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