Another Castle 1-3 Review Featured Image

Writer: Andrew Wheeler
Illustrator and Colorist: Paulina Ganucheau
Letters: Jenny Vy Tran
Designed by: Hilary Thompson
Published by: Oni Press

Review by Insha Fitzpatrick

Another Castle #3 CoverI’m very limited in my fantasy reading, especially fantasy set in kingdoms, so I definitely wanted to give Another Castle a go. It’s a fun ride, filled with wonderful characters and an exciting setting, but it’s still finding it’s voice in the dominant story of a princess trying to become the hero that she truly wants to be.

Another Castle takes place in Beldora, a beautiful landscape that is the home of Misty, who is the princess of Beldora. She is “kidnapped” by Badlug, who threatened both her home and her family’s safety if she didn’t become his bride and comply to his demands. She has no choice in the matter. Her father then sends the Prince Pete, the man she is supposed to marry after her to get her back into safe hands. However, he must pass certain monsters that Badlug has laid in his path in order to get to her. Misty, who isn’t very patient, sets out on her journey to help Pete and get out of Badlug’s castle. With Gorga, the cutest Medusa ever and Fogmoth, baker of yummy things, how can things go wrong?

Another Castle is a great story filled with new and interesting characters. This story is something that is very much needed, but since the story is only starting, it stumbles a bit on execution. Issues #1-3 carries through the story of Misty trying to escape her captor, meeting new people to help her on her quest, but also trying to figure out a way to save everyone… and everything about her. Misty’s character is an interesting one. She is filled with determination, but that determination comes across as a bit of arrogance, especially in the face of what she has to go through. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but personally, it separates you from her just a bit. It’s interesting to see her character evolve, but it’s also hard for me to sympathize with her sometimes.

Wheeler’s writing is still very fresh and new to comics, but you can clearly see his voice and what he aims to do with these characters and within the story. It might take him awhile to get there, but he is still finding a voice and still in the midst of moving the story to where it needs to go.

Paulina’s art never fails to impress as she illustrates this world. She’s absolutely made for this story, bringing to life some of the cutest characters imaginable such as Gorga, a Medusa-like woman who can only stun people instead of turning them to stone. She’s very creative in her colors as well, making use of the completely different styles between Misty’s home, Beldora and Badlug’s home, Grimoire.

The Verdict:

Wait and See. There’s some good things happening in Another Castle, but those good things are taking some time to develop into a full scope. The characters are developing into the characters they’re supposed to become, especially the hard-headed and stubborn Misty. This stubbornness isn’t a bad thing! However, it creates a hard barrier to get through. I’m excited to see what else will happen within the story and how Misty will escape from her captors grips now.

Insha Fitzpatrick
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