It’s another 19 Days recap for you and today we’re going have a continuation of last weeks chapter and I’m pretty excited for it! It’s a brand new arc and a brand new gangster plot which I’m very excited about!! So what happens this week? Let’s find out…


Jian Yi has a call from his mom (FINALLY) to go with Brother Qiu to safe place Brother qiu takes him to He Cheng and Jian Yi still hasn’t quite worked out what’s going on…


SHE’S ALIVE!! She’s alive and now I can rest easy!! I feel like Old Xian forgot the last time we heard anything about Jian Yi’s mom is when she had to ‘go away for a little while’ and since then she has never returned. I’m soo glad she’s safe!!

Now this is interesting!!! I’m gonna make a huge guess and say that’s actually his fathers house and He Cheng’s, I also feel as if Jian Yi’s dad and He Tien’s dad’s are either brothers (not actual brothers but best buddies) or He Tian’s dad is one whose after him! I really do hope we get some answers soon!! I want to know why He Cheng works for Jian Yi’s dad instead of his own father, unless he’s keeping an eye out for his dad, like a mole!!

I’m really looking forward to this new arc! It’ll be nice to have a brand new, fresh locations which will be this house! If he needs protecting it also means he can’t go to school either! New location, new arc, just what the manga needed!!

Next Chapter 

I’m hoping Old Xian will give us an extremely detailed tour of the house! I mean she can really let her creative flag fly! I wanna see colour and detail. I’m willing to put the plot on hold just to see the visuals she can create of this place.

You can read 19 Days here

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