After feeling slightly underwhelmed by the Christmas specials, I’m crossing my fingers something good will happen in this chapter! In the last chapter of the main plot, we saw Jian Yi pestering Zhang to pinch him all because he saw Guanshan and Tian pinching each other. So what’s going to happen next? Let’s find out…

He Tian is trying to find Mo Guanshan who just wants to get away from him (and who could blame him). Jian Yi and Zhang are out buying groceries when they bump into…

Okay, that was pretty cute. I guess in China with their ridiculous laws on homosexuality in media this is maybe the closest we’ll ever see of these two kissing from now on. I refuse to believe that Zhang fell asleep standing up. Also, I refuse to believe he didn’t feel Jian Yi’s hands all over his face and neck. Point blank. I refuse to believe it.

‘He asked me to go to the Aquarium with him.’ No, he didn’t. He Tian is such a little shit! I do hope he doesn’t turn up at Guanshan’s job and causes a scene. The boy really needs the money and obviously wants to keep his job but he definitely needs to work on his manners. I don’t blame Jian Yi for giving him grief.

I also think that Zhang should be more supportive of Jian Yi’s dreams of becoming a housewife and learning to make curry and we all know he’s going to go round Jian Yi’s house, who is he kidding himself.

Next Chapter: I’m really hoping it’ll be the end of Guanshan’s shift and that he and He Tian do end up going to the Aquarium. I really do hope that happens. We’ve waited a long time for Guanshan to relax a bit. We’re due to a happy, relaxed Guanshan. I won’t be surprised if Old Xian ties in the aquarium with Valentine’s day. I honestly won’t be surprised. That’ll be a really cute idea though.

You can read 19 Days here.

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