19 Days is back!!! Last time we saw Mo Guanshan being harassed about He Tian as well as bumping into his brother-in-law. That chapter was a long time coming with many people hoping that he and He Cheng would meet soon!! They finally did and the fandom went crazy!! So what does Old Xian have in store for us this week?? Let’s find out…

Zhang is receiving some face treatment from his little sister who thinks his skin is too dry. Obviously he asks Jian Yi if he has dry skin. He says he’ll bring in the lotion to help Jian Yi lubrate…wait…that’s not the word….

I seriously enjoyed this chapter, expect for one thing….the little sister. Her incestuous love for her brother is borderline creepy and gross. She’s also really annoying. I just can’t help but not like her. She’s one of those characters that just gets under your skin even though they don’t play a major role in story.

I cackled at Jian Yi’s response to Zhang’s text ‘It’s dry. My body and soul are withered dry’. He’s such a knoob. For the first time in a while, I remembered that these boys are actually 14/15 year olds. I would like to think this is as realistic as it’s going to get with these boys in terms of their age. You forget that their in middle school since their constantly having problems with the mafia and whatnot.

That hairband is soo fetch.

Next Chapter: I was hoping that in this chapter we would see Mo visiting He Tian and make him some dinner and nurse back to the health. It wasn’t meant to be, so I’m hoping in the next chapter that’s exactly what we’re going to get!! I won’t be surprised if we have another school day chapter, maybe with all four perhaps?

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