I was expecting a Valentine’s Day special to come out for 19 Days this year. We saw the boys receiving gifts last year (Mo and his massive sandwich pillow) so I’m slightly surprised that Old Xian has decided to continue with the plot itself. Saying that I am writing this article on 12/2/18 so maybe we’ll get a Valentine’s special on Valentine’s Day.

In the last chapter we saw He Tian reliving a horrible memory in which he immediately rings Mo Guanshan to make sure he’s still there, of course Mo Mo did not appreciate the call. At all. So what’s been going on since? Let’s find out…

The school rings He Tian’s brother, He Cheng to check where He Tian may be since he hasn’t turned up to school and no one seems to be able to get a hold of him. The only option He Cheng has is to visit his brother himself…

Their relationship is clearly strained and sad to say it’s all He Cheng’s fault. Even though you can sense how much he resents the way he treated his little brother in the past the damage has clearly been done. He Tian is a boy who seems very set in his ways to forgiveness is not going to happen any time soon.

This whole chapter was aesthetically pleasing for me. The use of minimal amount of colours and focusing on the dark blue really set the tone for the whole chapter. It’s designed really well.

Even though he’s clearly ill, He Tian’s defences are still up. The boy is swimming in toxic masculinity which hopefully he’ll grow out of in the upcoming chapters. The fandom has been waiting for He Cheng’s return, it’s a shame it was never going to be a positive return though

Next Chapter: I’m really hoping that Guanshan notices that He Tian isn’t in school and goes to check on him. I doubt that’s going to happen but we can all dream right?! Hopefully someone will check up on him, I mean, one of the boys has to.

You can read 19 Days here.


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