There’s been speculation for a while now that the Final Fantasy VII Remake would be episodic in nature since the story is going to go above and beyond the original story. Based on what little information was give, fans guessed at 2-3 hour episodes like TellTale has done with The Walking Dead. Just recently it was revealed that each multi-part was going to be a full game onto itself. Think Final Fantasy XIII format but with Cloud and Tifa!

Producer Yoshinori Kitase has stated:

“With the remake, we have the opportunity to go beyond the story, world and experience of [the original], in ways we’ve always dreamed of–from the depths of Midgar to the skies above the Planet.”

He’s also commented that producing a proper HD remake that maintain the same feeling of density would result in a volume of content that couldn’t possibly fit into one instalment. It’s either adapt the format of Final Fantasy XIII or compress the game and lose story and game play.

“I hope that by explaining a little more about our design decisions that you can appreciate the size of this project and what we have planned for this remake. Going beyond the scale and depth of the world, narrative, and game play from the original to deliver something that feels familiar yet new. As I said before, we like delivering surprises.”

There’s no release date for Final Fantasy VII as of yet, but the next game in the series, Final Fantasy 15, will launch on September 30, 2016.


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