Lily Munster is one of my favourite looking Funko Pops out there and she fits nicely with my Funko Pop Girl Gang (which, thus far, includes Penelope Pitstop). Obviously I would like this little girl gang to grow and I already have one or two Funko Pop ladies  in my sights (the Ursula one, DAYUM). However until I become a millionaire or Original Funko sees this and takes pity on me ( :’) ) I will be happy with what I have! Now then ladies and gents, on we go!

lily munster funko pop friday lily munster funko pop friday

lily munster funko pop friday lily munster funko pop friday

The Munsters is an American Television sitcom that depicts the day to day home life of some of our favourite monsters. Herman Munster was played by Fred Gwynne while Lilly was played by the gorgeous Yvonne De Carlo. The series could be seen as a parody of the Addams Family but was considered a satire on the traditional monster movies as well as innocent family of the era.

lily munster funko pop fridayThe Munsters live at 1313 Mockingbird Lane in the fictional suburb in California called Mockingbird Heights. Like any olde fashion comedy show (both US and UK shows alike) was that there is always a running gag. With The Munsters it was that they saw themselves as a normal family and were depicted as a normal working class family even though, they were clearly an unusual bunch. Depicting the life of the American Family in the 60s, Herman is the sole-wager of the family, while Lily and Grandpa occasionally try to make money on the side. Even though Herman is considered ‘Head of the household’, Lily makes many decisions herself. The costumes and the characters appearance were clearly based on the classic monsters of Universal Studios films from the 30s and 40s. Luckily for the show, Universal Studios also produced The Munsters and were able to use the copyrighted designs, including the very iconic Frankenstein Monster for Herman.

Now then, on with the product at hand…

My Lily Munster Funko Pop is the spitting image of the character. From the white streaks in her hair to her amazing on point eyebrows. She is literally perfect! I love her green eye shadow and green rouge, it sets the ghoulish look for her, even though her make up was actually purple. Her hand pose gives her a sense of elegance which I love and of course mimics the opening credits. They have her outfit down to a tee too; three pieces of ribbons going around her stomach and those perfectly cut sleeves. The Funko itself has not a single scratch on it and can stand up perfectly which is always a plus since I’ve bought some that just fall immediately.

lily munster funko pop friday lily munster funko pop friday

lily munster funko pop friday lily munster funko pop friday

If Lily isn’t for you, you can also purchase the rest of the family!

You can buy Grandpa Munster here
You can buy Eddie Munster here
You can buy Lily Munster here
You can buy Herman Munster here

Hope you liked the article I shall now enclose with opening theme tune. In colour. Enjoy!

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