April was an exciting month for the Marvel Collector Corps. The theme for this month is “Civil War” and is tied into the movie event, not the comic book event that is happening soon.

Marvel Collector Corps describes themselves as:

“…a subscription box service designed in partnership by Marvel and Funko. Created especially for the avid Marvel fan, each box delivers 100% exclusive premium collectibles, apparel, and accessories created by Funko, shipped directly from the Marvel Universe to your doorstep. Each box is themed specifically around a major Marvel event, Marvel characters and Marvel stories with collectors in mind. Marvel Collector Corps celebrates the dedicated Marvel fan and the Marvel Collector elite in ways no other box can.”

The box is about $35 dollars every other month.


One thing that I have enjoyed about The Collector Corps since day one is the amount of time they put into the design of the box both inside and outside. They really are works of art and show you that a lot of thought goes into the design of these boxes


New this month is a card that explains each item and gives a little background of the item.


Each month includes a pin and a patch. The patch this month features Crossbones, while the pin is Black Panther.


Collector Corps Exclusive Variant Black Panther #1

This is a hot comic right now. Most areas have sold out of it and are waiting for second printings so having an exclusive variant cover included in the box is exciting for both casual fans of comics and hardcore collectors. The card shows that originally the Black Panther was replaced with Iron Man, but it does not say if the whole comic was replaced.

image image image

Exclusive Dorbz IronMan Unmasked

The Dorbz figures are small but very detailed. The detail on the suit is spot on to the design of the movie costume.

Exclusive Captain American/ Iron Man 2 pack

The concern that people have had about Funko Pops is that in the past they have been a single pose. The were designed as if the character has stopped to have their picture taken. Over the last few months Funko has started to release molds that are more than just the posed look, and instead are showing the figures in action. Here we have Iron Man flying through the air aiming his blasts towards Captain American who is using his shield to block the attack. An interesting note and possible spoiler for the movie is that the Pop! was suppose to originally be Falcon as Captain America. This means it was either an oversight by the people creating the box, or it could have been a major spoiler.

Marvel Collector Corps T-shirt

Exclusive Captain American: Civil War T-Shirt

Featuring the Pop! versions of their characters you have Captain America and Iron Man in the front, flanked by Black Widow and Black Panther on Iron Man’s side, and Peggy Carter and Falcon on Captain America’s side. The shirt fits true to size and seems to be well made.

Marvel Collector Corps Lanyard

Exclusive Captain America: Civil War Lanyard

They say that they included this item so that people will have a place to keep all of their pins from the past year. The lanyard would be perfect for that and to also where to cons that one might attend, or to show off your geekiness at work.

I did not price any of this box out because the items are always exclusive to the Collector Corp box. They advertise as No fluff or filler, and as you can see there is none here. If you are a Funko and Marvel fan/collector this box is a must have as there is always exclusive figures included. The June Box is on sale now and the theme is Women of Power with She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, and Spider-Gwen all featured in the promos so far.

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