It’s a well known fact that most cartoons will always have a Christmas special and The Simpsons has heaps! The first episode was a Christmas episode where we are introduced to Santa’s Little Helper. Since then, they’ve specialised in including a good Christmas episode every now and then. Since there are quite a few it was very hard to pick a Top 5 but I think I made good choices. Here are my Top 5 Simpsons Christmas Specials!

5. Simpson Christmas Stories


Season 17 Episode 9

The First (Annoyed Grunt)-El
When Reverend Lovejoy can’t make it to church to deliver the Christmas sermon because of a train wreck, he asks Ned to deliver it, but when Ned gets a paper cut, it becomes The Gospel according to Homer, with Marge as Mary and Bart as Jesus.

I Saw Grampa Cussing Santa Claus
Grampa and Mr. Burns end up stuck on a deserted island during WWII where Burns shoots down Santa Claus.

The Nutcracker… Sweet
Set to the music of Tchaikovsky’s ballet, everyone prepares for Christmas in their usual way, including Moe trying to kill himself and Homer forgetting to buy Marge a present.

Thoughts: I love trilogy stories in cartoons episodes. They always end up being my favourites so of course this episode made the cut. Bart looks adorable as baby Jesus! You will find a few more trilogy episodes have managed to make this list!!

4. Marge Be Not Proud


Season 8 Episode 11

Bart is caught attempting to shoplift a video game. He tries to keep his failed “four-finger discount” trip a secret from Homer and Marge, and initially succeeds. But unfortunately, Marge finds out when the family returns to the same store to have the family Christmas photo taken and punishes Bart by leaving him out of family activities.

Thoughts: This is such a good classic episode and actually one of the most thought provoking and probably the saddest with so much character development. The emotions both Marge an Bart go through is delivered brilliantly, and the ending is incredibly sweet!

3. The Fight Before Christmas 


Season 22 Episode 8

This is a Trilogy of stories. In Bart’s story Bart is angry that he didn’t get the dirt bike he asked for over the last three years and vows to stay up till midnight to shoot Santa. He falls asleep later and dreams that a train (In a parody of The Polar Express), driven by Otto Mann, lands in front of the house and flies him to the North Pole. In Lisa’s story it is WWII as Marge is fighting while Homer is taking care of the kids. During Christmas, Homer buys a Christmas tree to the despair of Lisa who is traumatized because last year she went to buy a tree with Marge only to find out that her mother was called to war. In Marge’s story she receives a night time visit from the most powerful force in the universe who teaches her the ‘true meaning’ of Christmas: Martha Stewart and in Maggie’s story In the final segment, Maggie sleeps with a “Fluppets” videotape and dreams that the family appears as puppets (as a parody of the Muppets) in a theatre as they prepare to leave for Hawaii, leaving Moe to take care of their place, in the company of his girlfriend, Katy Perry.

Thoughts: My favourite segment has to be Lisa’s dream due to the Inglorious Basterds reference and Marge turns out to be a badass soldier!! Again this is another trilogy of stories and I also love The muppets parody except for Katy Perry scenes. I know they have actual special guests in the flesh with The muppets but this is still The Simpsons and she’s wearing a Simpsons dress?! It’s slightly bizarre!

2. Holidays of Future Passed


Season 23 Episode 9

At Christmas in 2041, a grown-up Bart, Lisa and Maggie bring their kids to Homer and Marge’s house. When there, they learn about parenting and loving your family.

Thoughts: I am loving these future episodes! I love the fact that they’re following an actual plot though. Sometimes you find cartoons not sticking with past storylines and it slightly winds me up from time to time. It’s also fun to see a drunk Lisa and I love the fact they’ve given her a most realistic future.

1. Tis’ the Fifteenth Season


Season 15 Episode 7

After spending all his money on an expensive gift for himself, the family thinks Homer should be less of an egoist. Therefore he tries replacing Ned Flanders as the ‘good guy’ in town. However, it backfires when people riot against Homer.

Thoughts: I’ve seen this episode maybe once or twice but I enjoy it every time. I’m loving The Grinch reference and it has such a sweet ending!! I will definitely be watching this my dad on Christmas Day!

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