Raw Recap 1/15/2018

Previously on Raw

We get the traditional recap of the major feud from last week. Pretty sure they must show this now because they know that people tune out anytime Kane shows up on TV. We get to see Strowman do his best Batman and throw a grappling hook again. Look here is the deal I know it’s wrestling and we must suspend reality. But Strowman tried to murder people last week. How in the storyline is he not in jail?

Story Time with Braun Strowman

Strowman talks about being a Monster and beating a demon and a beast. Strowman says he is the new champion, as Kurt Angles music starts. Angle says he has a story and it’s not a happy one. Angle brings up all the things he broke and people he hurt last week. Strowman says he does things how and when he wants. Something about kicking doors in. Strowman says he will get the title if he wants. Angle then informs Strowman he is fired. Then leaves the ring.

It made sense at the time to “fire” Strowman for his actions last week. What still makes no sense is after he was fired, Strowman was allowed to wander around backstage and eventually go on a warpath of destruction. And that wasn’t even the worst part of the storyline.

The Bar vs. Titus Worldwide

A rematch from last week where Titus Worldwide got the upset win. Surprisingly even match back and forth going into the commercial break. Back from the break, The Bar has taken control of the match and are working over Apollo Cruz. The Bar is able to avoid losing the same way they did last week by avoiding the backflip and missed kick. As The Bar are about to finish off Titus Worldwide, Jason Jordan’s music distracts the Bar. It allows Cruz to get the roll-up win.

Winner: Titus Worldwide

It is good to see Titus Worldwide start to get some wins under their belt, even if it is from distractions. Both Cruz and O’Neil have shown athletic ability and given a chance could make some waves in the tag division. For my money, Sheamus has the best-surprised reaction in all the WWE.

After the match, we get more of Strowman destroying the backstage area. Including destroying the catering area, before taking a piece of chocolate cake.

Enzo limps out to the ring selling his injury from last week. Enzo talks about how he will be at the Royal Rumble no matter what even if he looks like Frankenstein. Cedrick Alexander comes out with Goldust. Goldust says that Enzo should have gone straight to DVD.

Cedrick Alexander vs. Tony Neese

Match is joined in progress. The announcers are more concerned with getting Strowman out of the building. While the announcers pay no attention to the match, Neese and Alexander are putting on a good match. Although the entire time, you can hear Enzo yelling instructions. After a bit of a slowdown Alexander is able to hit a couple of high impact moves off the ropes. Second week in a row that Alexander busted someone open. Alexander hits the Lumbar Check for the win.

Winner: Alexander

There have been a ton of starts and stops for Enzo Amore and various feuds. The Alexander feud just seems off for some reason. It might be because Golddust is involved and seems out of place next to Alexander.

Angle is back stage saying he is going to call the local cops and tell them to send the SWAT team. Pretty sure that is not your call if they send the SWAT team but do what you gotta do Kurt. Strowman went back to destroy the TV production area. He decides the flip over the Semi cab then heads back out to the ringside area. Strowman after finding out that he had been rehired still threw Cole into a crowd of waiting “security.”

And there is the even more ridiculous part. You “fire” someone who then goes through his former workplace attacking people and destroying property, including trying to knock you off the air. What happens? You rehire him? And even then, he is allowed to attack Michael Cole and throw him off a stage? It just doesn’t fit.

Nia Jax vs. Asuka

Seems the Asuka’s robe got caught in the screen on her way out. Nia uses her power to control most of the match leading to the first commercial. After a missed move by Jax, Asuka begins hitting several back kicks and hits to slow Jax down. After Jax injures her knee outside the ring, Asuka gets the win with Jax unable to continue.

Winner: Asuka

Really the best way to end this match. Asuka keeps her undefeated streak and Jax is still a beast that is hard to beat going into the Rumble.

The Revival vs. Some local jobbers

Not much to say about the match other than it was created to let The Revival get a squash win.

After the match Dash and Dawson are interviewed in the ring. They said something about people being scared to let them on a live mic. Maybe Vince is worried one of them will get injured being interviewed. It seems that the interview is a set up for them to have a run in with some of the legendary tag teams next week. Maybe someone like the Power & Glory will show up.

Elias wrote a song about the Royal Rumble and getting revenge on John Cena. Elias probably gets some of the biggest heat of the night when he rips on the Spurs.

I do not know if Elias is hurt, or they just don’t have a program for him right now, but this guy needs to be on TV every week. He generates some of the best heat right now.

The Miztourage vs. Roman Reigns

Miz, as always, delivers a great promo pumping up what he is as a player in the WWE. He talks about how he always over delivers and says next week he will take his title back.

It became obvious rather early what was going to happen in the match. Miz helps the Miztourage gain control. Reigns gets beat down until he powers up. Then Reigns overcome the odds to win the match.

Blah. The fans have already started to turn against Reigns again. Hopefully next week he drops the title to Miz.

Sasha Banks vs. Sonya Deville

The announcers mention that Paige will not be in the Royal Rumble because of a neck injury. While the announcers do not mention it, rumor is Paige’s career is probably over because of the injury. Deville dominated most of the match, and to the surprise of the crowd gets a quick and clean win.

With Sasha being the person who kicked Paige when she got injured this almost felt like a punishment match for Sasha. She got no real offense in, and the match was over before it started. The last two weeks have build Deville up as a strong competitor that take no prisoners.

Woken Matt Hardy vs. Heath Slater

Once again, the match is joined in progress. Tom Phillips is completely confused by the new Matt Hardy. The new punch and kick offense of Hardy is featured, before hitting the side slam and the twist of fate for the win.

And the fans have already lost interest in the Woken Matt Hardy character. The most interesting part was Cory Graves trying to explain to Todd Phillips what is going on with Hardy.

Finn Balor vs. Seth Rollins

Finn came out with the Good Brothers, while Rollins had Jason Jordan by his side. Early in the match, it seemed as if Balor may have tweaked his shoulder. Either that or he did an excellent job of selling it. Both the Good Brothers and Jason Jordan played a minimal role in the match. The closing moments came as The Bar came down to distract Jordan and Rollins, but instead ended up fighting with The Good Bothers. As the ref was distracted, Jordan was able to trip Balor allowing Rollins to hit the curb stomp (renamed the blackout) for the win. As the show went off the air, both teams just stared at each other as if they expected something else to happen.

Great match by two great performers. Both guys seemed stuck in neutral throughout most of 2017. Hopefully, 2018 will provide the kickstart both need. Of not the Curb Stomp has been banned by the WWE since 2015 because of the injuries it had caused. It is also the last time that Rollins was a killer heel. So, does this mean a heel turn for Rollins is coming?

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