For those who are not in the know in doll-based news, Pullip is a premium doll brand which produces high quality dolls featuring characters from famous franchises.

Finally, after all these years, they’ve released Sailor Moon Pullip dolls and they’re proving to be super popular! Make sure to grab these before they’re gone! The dolls themselves are absolutely beautiful and must-have for the die-hard Sailor Moon fan! With the most expensive being over £200, they’re not cheap, but as you can see from the quality, are worth every penny! They make a change from figurines I believe. I’ve had my eye Black Lady Pullip Doll for a while, I’ve fallen in love with her eyes!


SAILOR MOON is the quintessential magical girl phenomenon beloved worldwide that chronicles the adventures of a 14-year-old girl and her friends, chosen by destiny to defeat the forces of evil. Sailor Moon began it’s life as a shojo manga created by Naoko Takeuchi and is one of the most popular manga and anime shown and read worldwide.

There are 19 Sailor Moon Pullip dolls to collect all together. The characters include:


Sailor Star Healer Pullip Doll
Sailor Star Maker Pullip Doll
Sailor Star Fighter Pullip Doll

I should tell you that the three above were the latest dolls in the series, all of whom have limited edition versions of themselves (each doll is wearing a school uniform).


Small Lady DAL Doll
Wicked Lady / Black Lady Pullip Doll
Sailor Saturn Pullip Doll
Sailor V Pullip Dol
Sailor Pluto Pullip Doll
Human Luna Pullip Doll


Sailor Neptune Pullip Doll
Sailor Uranus Pullip Doll
Sailor Mini Moon / Chibi Moon DAL Doll
Tuxedo Mask Taeyang Doll


Sailor Jupiter Pullip Doll
Sailor Mars Pullip Doll
Princess Serenity Pullip Doll
Sailor Venus Pullip Doll
Sailor Mercury Pullip Doll
Sailor Moon Pullip Doll

All the dolls can be purchased on!


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