Revolution #1 
Writers: Cullen Bunn and John Barber
Artist: Fico Ossio
Colors: Sebastian Cheng
Letters: Tom B. Long
Publisher: IDW

Reviewed by David Hildebrand

revoWhen I was growing up, I and I imagine most kids took all of their action figures and combined them into one big giant battle. I know that I had many a battles with G.I. Joe joining forces with the Autobots to fight Megatron and the Decepticons.  Maybe throw in a Dinobot here and there. Well I figure that Bunn and Barber created their own action figure adventures as well because they have physically put all of our childhood fantasies into one book!  Have you ever wondered what a comic would be like with G.I. Joe, Transformers, ROM, M.A.S.K., Micronauts, and even Action Man all thrown into the same story together?   Well if you have, then guess what, you get it in Revolution! If you haven’t….what the hell is wrong with you? This is going to be magical!!!  As well as chaotic, the first issue is both!

My first thought might be the same as many as you. How are all of these characters going to get jammed into the same book and make it work?  This was my biggest concern when I first heard this title announced, but of course, I wasn’t going to let this huge all-star cast persuade me not to at least see how things start off.  I’m very happy to say that the pair of writers do not cram all of them into this first issue.  However, I was sad to see not a single member from M.A.S.K. make it into this issue. But the first issue works! Much of the exposition was covered back with the issue that was released on Free Comic Book Day.  Miss that issue? All good, it has been reprinted and is waiting for you in the back of this first issue.

The first issue does a good job of introducing a good chunk of the characters without things feeling too forced. I don’t know why Action Man is here, he shows in the first couple of pages, just because I guess he has to be included somewhere.  I am curious to see how he plays out in the future issues, as of right now, I do not think he is needed and his part could have been written in a different matter. But I am not a huge Action Man fan, so maybe that is my reason in being nit picky with him.  We are familiar with G.I. Joe and the Transformers together.  Throwing in ROM is a cool addition.  A surprise death results as soon as ROM makes an appearance and the Joes think that the ROM and the Transformers are working together.  Conflict arises!  But my M.A.S.K. is still M.I.A.! The book is still a great big ball of goodness!

Bunn and Barber has captured my attention with the story so far, especially with the casualties that take place right from the start.  The book rests heavily on the recent events in the Transformer universe.  There is the public distrust of all things from Cyberton and Optimus Prime wants to lead humanity into a great new era as part of the intergalactic community.  Artist Ossio does an outstanding job. The first thing that caught my eye was how big and intimidating the Transformers can be. And ROM’s introduction is nothing short of spectacular.  He doesn’t hold back in the ass kicking department. The actions scenes combined with the colors of Cheng offer a nice little throwback flavor to the title.  I had flashbacks of watching the cartoons, the art is very well done.

Buy it!
How can you not?  It’s an 80’s fan’s dream!  Even if the book was garbage, I would have to read the next issue hoping to see M.A.S.K. and their contributions.  But luckily Revolution is a lot of fun to read.  It doesn’t drag at all, everything falls into place very well for a premiere issue, except for Action Man. But like I said, maybe that is just me.  I think this book is going to be a lot of fun and I’m ready to relive some of my childhood memories!  If you are a fan of just one of these franchises, you should still pick up the book and check it out.  There is something in here for everyone!

Dave Hildebrand
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