Are you looking for the next summer blockbuster? Well, look no further than The Best Archie Comic Ever! #1.

This Archie Comics one-shot contains three stories that feature the famous four: Archie, Jughead, Betty, and Veronica. In the first story, Archie discovers the secret behind the superhero Pureheart–who bears an uncanny resemblance to himself. This is followed by a Conan the Barbarian take with Jughead, aptly named Jughead the Burgarian. And the final story is a spy, crime-boss thriller with Betty and Veronica at the helm.

Impressively, each story in this issue is just as good as the rest. Archie is undoubtedly a Pureheart, and Jughead pursuing the giant burger of “Sweet Bliss” that awaits him instead of the women he’s saving (Betty and Veronica, naturally) is perfect. Finally, what would Betty and Veronica be but classy, lethal undercover agents in friendly rivalry with each other? Not only do the characters continue to ring true–despite their new getups–but it also feels refreshingly modern, both in the writing and the art.

Both fans of classic Archie and more modern adaptations like The CW’s Riverdale will find a lot to love in The Best Archie Comic Ever! #1.

The Best Archie Comic Ever! #1


Pure, pure Archie


Burgers over...everything


B&V, always the friendliest rivals


Quality of Each Story


Classic yet Modern



  • Writers: Fred Van Lente, Aubrey Sitterson, Ruben Najera
  • Artists: Tim Seeley, Jed Dougherty, Giorgia Sposito
  • Color Artist: Matt Herms
  • Letterer: Jack Morelli
  • Cover Artists: Tim Seeley, Matt Herms

Credits (cont)

  • Variant Cover Artist: Tom Whalen
  • Publisher: Archie Comics
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