IMG_1999 LootCrate is a monthly subscription box for fans of various pop culture areas including comics, video games, tv, movies, etc. It is filled with 4-7 various items including a T-shirt every month. The cost of the box is right around $20 and with that they say the items should value at least $45.

This month the theme was “Power” with items from Marvel, Dragon Ball Z, and Warcraft all promised.

The box was a good size this month. it was tall and square so it made me assume there was going to be some kind of figure in it. Upon opening the box my assumptions were confirmed.

IMG_2003 IMG_2011

Hulk Q-Fig (QMx)
One of the main reasons that I subscribe to these box is to get cool figures that I might not go out and buy on my own, and this figure delivers. This is the third Q-Fig that has been in a LootCrate box so they must have a good working relationship. The Figure is stylized and loot very similar to the Disney Infinity figures. I do like the fact that it is an action pose with the concrete popping up around the Hulk as he crashes into the ground. The details on the face makes the hulk look menacing and ready to fight. It should be noted that the box brands the figure as being from Age of Ultron, which makes sense since Hulk was not involved in Civil War.

Exclusive Infinity Gauntlet Oven Mitt ( ICUP)
IMG_2005Here is your chance to chance to wield one of the most powerful weapons in the Marvel Universe not burn your hands while creating baked goods that can change the universe. The glove is very detailed and has all six of the stones represented. The glove is a functioning and usable overtime that is said to protect up to 500 degrees. As much as I like getting some kind of figure in each box I also really like when they include something that outside of the normal realm of what they do. The fact that the glove is not only cool looking but also functional is very cool and hopefully they continue to include items like this that are both unique and useful.

Exclusive Dragon Ball Z Shenron Plush Keychain
IMG_2006The item say it is a keychain but I am not sure how many people would actually use it for that as it is rather large for a keychain.I would guess people may use it as a zipper pull or just put it on display somewhere. While I am not a Dragon Ball Z fan it is an item that I think fans of the franchise will like and it has multiple things that it could be used for. This is the first Dragon Ball Z item ever in a LootCrate and it is made very well.

Exclusive Warcraft T-shirt (Legendary)
IMG_2012The monthly shirt is from Warcraft. The material is a nice and soft. The grey is nice as many times LootCrate tends to do black shirts. The use of the negative space makes the design really pop and even if you are not a fan of the franchise make for a really cool shirt. The larger red silhouette is of the Horde, while the smaller figure intertwined represents the Alliance. The sizing of the shirt also seems to be a more tradtional size rather than the tighter athletic fit that seems to be more popular these days.

“Power” Loot Pin
Every month of course a pin is included. Since January the pins were upgraded and a slightly bigger and have a code of some sort of download. This month unlocks rare loot for the game Battleborn.

“Power” LootCrate Magazine
IMG_2014The magazines are always fun to flip through to see what things are inside. Besides having what all of the items are this month has a interview with Robert Kazinsky who is one of the Stars of the new Warcraft movie. It also includes a look at the history of the Hulk, different Dragon Ball Z power levels, and a recipe for Thanos’ Muffins of Death (by Chocolate)

For me this month was a big win. While I am not into all the franchises the items in the box are all very cool this month. The statue has already earned a spot on my desk, while the ovenmitt is sitting in the drawer ready to be used. LootCrate has made the choice to get farther away from doing lots of small items and instead would rather do 4-5 more valuable items instead. I have enjoyed the shift as I feel that the items we have been getting have been a better quality.

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