Welcome to the apocalypse! Tyler Boss and Matthew Rosenberg’s newest collaboration What’s the Furthest Place from Here? introduces us to a world ruled by children and devoid of any grown ups. The Academy is…a group of survivors living in a record store, trying to do their best to hold a fragile truce with outside gangs. So, what happens when one of their wayward sons returns–almost a grownup himself–and promises that the rumored city is real? Sid viciously embarks to find out, upending the lives of her fellow Academy members.

The much-anticipated return of the Four Kids Walk into a Bank creative team more than delivers–both in content and the more-than-double-sized cast of kids in this go-round. The world presented to us reminds me of one of my favorite classic Star Trek episodes “Miri;” I half expected one of the kids to use the word “grups” in this book. Regardless, the Lord of the Flies-type narrative is always a winning formula. In addition to the adultless apocalypse, I felt like every few pages, the book introduces new aspects of the world that make it all the more perilous for our protagonists (Pig-mask wearing rival gangs? Check. Weird, faceless slinking creatures? Check). The fact that the inexperienced Sid–who appears pregnant–would set out on her own in this world makes the tension all the more palpable.

One of my favorite aspects of the book, though, is the intentional infusion of music in the lives of our characters. Members of the Academy pick records as a personal reflection of who they are. Rosenberg aptly taps into how music is a huge part of our adolescent identity and brings it to the forefront of this narrative. One character who has passed on has his record burned (no, not like that). Sid hilariously picks out a Hall & Oates record as hers because they “look cool.” Having characters who are defined by their music adds a welcome amount of depth in a world where music would seem like the least of one’s concerns.

The artwork brings the world to life–from the unique character designs to the coloring that perfectly encapsulates a foreboding atmosphere. I also enjoyed the emoji-like character avatars that are introduced on the title page and used throughout the book.

What’s the Furthest Place from Here is a wild, music-infused ride through a pubescent post-apocalypse that is sure to take a primary spot on your pull list. The band is back together with Boss and Rosenberg, and this twist-filled yarn ain’t nothing but a good time.

What's the Furthest Place from Here? #1


A World Without Grups


What's Your Record?


Members of the Academy


Baby, It's a Wild World


Academy Emojis



  • Creators: Tyler Boss, Matt Rosenberg
  • Letterer: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
  • Color Assistant: Clare DeZutti
  • Publisher: Image Comics

Credits (cont)

  • Cover A: Tyler Boss
  • Cover B: Marcos Martín
  • Additional Covers: Skottie Young, Brian Michael Bendis with Michael Avon Oeming, Martin Simmonds, Courtney Menard, Jenny Frison
Michael Farris Jr.
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