Avengers 33Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Javier Garrón
Colorist: Jason Keith
Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit
Cover Artists: Matteo Scalera, Rachelle Rosenberg
Editor: Tom Brevoort
Publisher: Marvel Entertainment

After a COVID-induced delay, Jason Aaron’s Avengers returns to stands this week with Issue 33, and it’s Earth’s Mightiest Heroes versus their former(?) ally Moon Knight.

With his own Disney+ series coming down the pipeline, Marvel is obviously looking to prioritize the Fist of Khonshu himself in the comics, and what better way to do that than pit him against the Avengers? Especially with what Aaron claims will kick off some big Avengers stories moving forward. That being said, Avengers #33 definitely feels like the start of something, even if that something isn’t quite clear yet.

On the strict orders of his worshipped Khonshu, Moon Knight is mowing down Avengers one-by-one while in pursuit of the newborn Starbrand child they’ve sworn to protect. We aren’t made privy yet as to why this is happening, except for a declaration that vagueness is coming, and Moon Knight is the one to save the world. 

While it makes for an intriguing hook, Avengers #33 suffers because of the intentional vagueness, and it doesn’t help that readers will have to wait nearly two whole months for issue #34 (thanks, COVID!) to find out what happens next. Decompressed arcs like these live and die on the frequency of their release schedule, so it’s just a shame that plenty of comics for the foreseeable future will have to rely on reader interest holding strong between heavy delays as the industry starts getting back on track. 

In any event, Javier Garrón’s art makes the proceedings at least worth looking at, with his typically kinetic style that helps move the script along at a brisk pace. There’s lots of imaginative imagery throughout, from a quick-paced fight scene between Moon Knight and Iron Fist, to MK overtaking Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum with zombie mummies. Even if the events being depicted are murky, at least they look good.

Avengers #33











  • Avengers vs. Moon Knight should make for an interesting plot
  • Strong visuals from Garron

Credits (cont)

  • Suffers from its intentional vagueness
  • Feels insubstantial in terms of story
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