RAI: The History of the Valiant Universe #1

Writer: Rafer Roberts
Artist: Francis Portela
Cover Artists: Clayton Crain, Clayton Henryby, Robert Gill, Jeffrey Veregge

A review by Anthony Pollock

Since discovering Valiant’s flagship comic, Bloodshot, four years ago, I have considered Valiant at the top with quality. Valiant has crafted some of the most enticing and visually beautiful stories. Realistically, (compared to the big two, sic) only offering the reader a comparative handful of titles to choose from, Valiant makes up for the shortfall in creating an original universe all to its own.

The Valiant universe diversifies between the dark and depraved to the accidental hero, from breaking down the mold of the stereotypical super heroine to the three dimensional villain. From no win scenarios to frustratingly complex life lessons.

RAI #1, set in the year 4002 A.D, takes those famous Valiant signature characters and puts them into a hollistic perspective of how and where their actions effected the greater whole. This is a historical walk through of the Valiant universe like you’ve never seen before. Told to Rai from the perspective of an older mentor, we take a walk through the history of the once independent comic publisher and learn about The Harbringer Wars and the ripple effects it has caused throughout history. Faith makes a cameo as does Quantum & Woody, X-O Manowar and even Bloodshot.

The Verdict
Keeping in mind this is the third of four standalone specials, this is a comic that the most avid Valiant fan should own and, at the same time, is a great introduction to the universe of The Spirit Guardian. Pick it up. Get involved with a story that flows as organically as it’s characters have developed.

Anthony Pollock
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