Youtube. A community of different voices, opinions and content. Youtube very much dictates a bit of our lives, but can help us in many ways. If you’re ever in need for any advice or questioning something, Youtube is beneficial in so many different ways. LGBT+ or Queer creators and content on Youtube is a very big part of the site because it provides people with different views and opinions on their sexuality and lifestyles, both positive, negative and in between. It’s a way for people to figure themselves out a little bit more while listening to other people have some of the same feelings and experiences.

For Pride, I wanted to bring you some Youtubers that you may not know about with different perspectives and voices. They aren’t the regular Youtubers that you know in love such as Ingrid Nilsen, Tyler Oakley, Connor Franta, Hannah Hart, Aydian Dowling and Shane Dawson. They’re all super cool, but we’ll be looking at some of the awesome Youtubers that have sexuality that people don’t often talk about.

Evan EdingerMy Sexuality || I Am Not Proud of My Sexuality 

Evan Edinger is an outstanding Youtubers who is American, but live in London. He is probably one of my top favorite Youtubers because of his stories and how utterly relatable he is. He’s dorky, kind and his smile is absolutely infectious. Evan came out to the world with his “My Sexuality” video where he said to the world he was demisexual. This video helped me and a lot of others, but it was his video titled “I Am Not Proud of My Sexuality” uploaded a couple of days ago that really hit home. Evan is a wonderful guy and a fantastic storyteller and he’s one of the most influential people and he doesn’t even know it yet.

Another Youtuberss who talks about her demisexuality is Christi Kerr. She has amazing videos that talk about it here and here and a Q&A video here
Melanie MurphyHow I Realized I’m Bisexual || Bisexual Dilemma 

I have such a low-key love for beauty bloggers. I don’t wear makeup, I don’t wear super hip clothes or anything, but goddamnit, I love seeing a pretty girl talk about makeup, hair, life and everything else. Melanie Murphy is Irish Youtuberss that vlogs about sexuality, beauty, lifestyle, hair, sex and everything in between. She’s so lovely to watch and lovely to listen to. I mean, that accent, *melts*. In her video ‘How I Realized I’m Bisexual’, she tells the story about her realizing she’s bisexuality with the help of Storybooth who helped animate her journey. It’s such a lovely little video. She then goes on to kinda tell about dating while bisexual in her video “Bisexual Dilemma.” Also, check out her incredible spoken word film “FEMME.”

Dodie ClarkI’m bisexual WOO

Dodie. Lovely. Lovely. Dodie. I went to Dodie and Tessa Violet’s show earlier this year and she smiled at me. I have never felt so much sunshine before in my life. Dodie Clark is a British Youtube who is just so lovely and gentle and soft and pretty damn important. Her Youtube is kinda of like a diary of her everyday life adventures and her in general is just absolutely swoonable. When I was trying to figure out my sexuality, people immediately took me over to other Youtubers, but Dodie’s videos are very relatable, soft, fun and lovely. I’ve used lovely so many times to describe her. She’s gonna think I’m a nut if she reads this, but Dodie’s bisexual videos, especially “I’m bisexual WOO” is the cutest one ever. Dodie is also a musician that uses her songs to very much create what she feels. “She” and “Sick of Losing Soulmates”  are two very beautiful songs that everyone should listen to.

Ames GeliebterI’m Trans  || Bisexual Makeup Tutorial || Coming Out: I’m A Lesbian

Ames Gelibter is a funny and utterly relatable Youtuber. Ames’ channel focuses on a lot of their events, which you can probably call a diary or scrapbook as well. They have a lot of content about mental illness, sexuality, challenges, tutorials, q&a’s and more. It’s such great content, they rocks EVERY hairstyle they’ve ever had and they’re one of the funniest people and should totally get more love. Recently, Ames came out on their newly revamped channel as trans (non-binary) and lesbian, in two awesome videos “I’m Trans” and “Coming Out: I’m A Lesbian” They’ve previously put out a bisexual makeup tutorial that is not only funny but very informative. You should definitely check it out and prepare to laugh your bum off. Hehe bum, watching too many british Youtubers again.

McKenna KaelinAromantic Asexual Q&A

McKenna’s Youtube channel simply_kenna is so aesthetically pleasing to the eye, once you venture around her Youtube, you get lost in the wood-like nature that is her Youtube channel. McKenna’s channel has so many different types of content, but sticks to a gorgeous theme. She has Q&As, writing, DIYs, fashion, advice, beauty and makeup. She even talks about her fandoms and the things that she’s into like anime, books and films. McKenna identitfies as aromantic asexual, which is a sexusality that needs to be talks about more because it carries so many misconceptions and a lot of weight behind it. In McKenna’s video “Aromantic Asexual Q&A”, she talks about her sexuality and dispels some of the misconceptions.

Another great series that expands education for all spectrums of asexual and aromantic, including sexual and romantic, can be found on Ash Hardell’s channel. She has a wonderful series called The ABC’s of LGBT and the strongest out of her series is her discussion and collaboration with other asexual and aromantic people and what they identify with and can educate about it. It’s really that lovely.

Alex BertieAm I A Boy?

Alex Bertie (TheRealAlexBertie) is another UK Youtubersss (yes, I know… I like them a lot… shhh), who is a massively creative artist and all around friendly lad. Alex is also one of the greatest trans Youtubers ever. (Fight me) He has a great detailed channel featuring videos from FTM topics, art, sexuality, Q&As and he progresses his own transition on his channel. It’s so lovely to see Alex transition because he’s so deeply honest with everything he does to and seeing his beard is just an absolute wonderful. Here’s a wonderful transition video after he’s been on T (testosterone) for a year. He also has a super cute boyfriend named Jake Edwards, who is also trans and you can find his videos here and the channel they have together here

Other trans/nonbinary/genderfluid/etc Youtubersss you should check out are: Kat Blaque, Vesper (Queer as Cat), Lane P, Jamie Raines, Ashley Wylde, Ezra Rae and there’s so many more.

Rowan EllisA Guide to Coming Out || Response to Ingrid Nilsen

Ah, I absolutely ADORE Rowan’s videos. She is an absolute dream and one of the reasons why I wanted to start Queerious. Rowan Ellis is a queer feminist geek whose Youtube explores topics such as pop culture, activism, intersectional feminism, self-care, overall queer…ness. She’s such an inspiration to me, especially with her pop culture videos because they dive into some great characters studies and issues. Rowan has some great videos, but I really want to point out three that are so worth the watch over and over and over again. “Femme Erasure & Straight-Passing Privilege is a beautiful video detailing struggles with being femme and queer. “A Guide to Coming Out || Response to Ingrid Nilsen is another wonderful video just kinda talking to anyone and everyone about coming out. Seriously, explore her channel. She’s so brilliant, smart and witty and it’s impossible not to like her.

Emma Blackery I Am Sexually Confused 

I wanted to include this video for anyone who is questioning their sexuality. It’s okay for you to be confused and it’s okay for you to always be questioning. No matter who you are it’s always alright. Emma Blackery has been a very interesting person on Youtube. She’s floated around a bit on Youtube, but has started two different Youtube channels one is her main channel emmablackery where she has comedy sketches, collaborations and a lot more. However, the other one is a personal channel that I stumbled upon her new Youtube and just dove right in… cause… I am a monster to myself. It’s her vloggery where she aims for more advice, discussion and veda (video every day in april) videos. “I Am Sexually Confused” is one of her most relatable videos to anyone who has ever had that confusion with their sexuality and still trying to figure it out. It’s only one voice in this large topic, but it’s such a great video to dive into.


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