Episode Notes

With both a new console and new games coming out, Square Enix announced that anyone who bought the new Marvel’s Avengers game for the PS4 would get a free copy of the game for the PS5. We discuss what we think and if other developers should do this moving forward.

In comic news, more details have been released about the upcoming Locke & Key and Sandman crossover. We talk about the new details and what we want to see.

In Batman news, we talk about the passing of Joel Schumacher and the mark that he left on the movie world. In addition, rumors have started that Michael Keaton may don the cowl once again in the upcoming Flash solo movie.

We wrap up the news where we started: With rumors about possible Suicide Squad- and Gotham Knights-themed video games.

Tear It Down!!
With Confederate statues coming down across the country, the discussion of who or what should replace those statues has made its way into the public discourse. One that is gaining attention is a petition to erect a statue of Dolly Parton in Tennessee. With that in mind, we come up with pop culture ideas of whom we would like to have represent our states.

This week, we have four comics to talk about. And much like the title of the show, there will be blood.

We start with Dead Body Road: Bad Blood #1 from Image Comics before moving on to the vampire cyberpunk story Bleed Them Dry #1. After leaving the world of vampires, we move on to Texas for the story of a sheriff in a sleepy little town who wonders what life holds for a man turning 70 in That Texas Blood #1. We wrap up the show with the start of the next Marvel event in Avengers Empyre #0.

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Gregory Brothers
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