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deadpoolI’ve been collecting comics again for almost three years now. I used to collect when I was younger and then a hurricane came along, blew over the neighbor’s tree right into the back half of my house that contained every collection that I owned… and my python.  She escaped, most of everything else did not. The insurance company gave me a swift kick in the crotch instead of giving me what everything was truly worth. I even gave a solid estimate and was still low balled. Anyway, right then and there I figured I would give up a few vices that I enjoyed, including comics.

Two years ago, I was reading a magazine and saw an advertisement for a Big Trouble in Little China comic that was about to start. I wasn’t going to miss out on a BTILC comic, so this is what started me back into my comic collecting.  One book turned into two, two into three, three into some disbelief.  “What the hell happened to Silver Surfer?”, to “Hey look! Punisher and Guardians of the Galaxy!”, to “OK, this is the last comic that I will add to my pull!  I promise!!!”

Two years later, I have added and subtracted many titles depending mostly on solely on characters. I have to love the characters. If a story is sub-par and the characters are good then I tolerate it and hope it gets better. If it is a great story but has sorry characters, then I’m done. I can’t get involved if I don’t care for the characters. This leads me to the focus on this article.  Going on three years of collecting and I am getting ready for another reboot. First it was Marvel, now it’s DC. I am not a fan of starting over for reasons “just because”, which it feels like both Marvel and DC have done.  And I am not looking forward to the changes that might happen with the characters that I love so much.

First it started with Marvel and Deadpool.  I like Deadpool, always have, always will.  I liked how the Volume 4 was going and then it ended when Secret Wars began (don’t get me started on Secret Wars).  So we start at volume 5 and I am excited because Deadpool is back!  Then the Mercs for Money showed up, and they are overkill! They have their own mini, showed up in The Uncanny Avengers, and now will have their ongoing series.  I haven’t enjoyed the new Deadpool up until the last two issues when he is fighting Sabretooth. It is now starting to bring in characters from Volume 4 and is starting to feel a bit more normal, or as normal can get with Deadpool right now.

batmanBatman is one of the few DC books that I read and collect.  I was way late to the party when I started reading comics again so I figured I would skip this current run of Batman unless I came across extra cash to get me started (I’m looking at you issue #1!). Anyway, as luck would have it, I went to a yard sale that advertised comics and happened to come across the current Batman run, issues 1-8, bagged, boarded, and in great condition!  The guy sold me all 8 issues for $50. I had to consult my Batman expert if I should pull the trigger and he said either way I was walking away with them. Either they are going with me or I was mailing them to him. So here starts my Batman collection.  I started purchasing the new issues as they came out and THE day that I got the rest of the missing issues that I needed to fulfill the run, DC announces they are ending all current runs and starting back at issue #1.  Right away, I was deflated and  no longer cared about the Batman run. I managed to get them all, just for them not to matter anymore (at least to me anyway).  The run will have an end and I am just going to start back over again, just like I did with Deadpool, Guardians of the Galaxy, Iron Man, etc. etc.

I am not looking forward to DC starting over. I feel like they are only doing this to keep up with Marvel.  I like continuing stories, I like characters dying, new characters appearing, and the story continues to progress.  I understand: companies and even writers, artists, colorists would like to work on different projects, but I feel as though there is always a way to lead into a story and continue it. I have done so myself with various works I had been contracted on in the past.  Don’t make any drastic changes to upset your reader or viewer, but gently ease into it and eventually turn it into your own. It is possible to do so without starting from scratch. I think DC is looking to make the money off of all the issue #1’s.  Batman Vs Superman has been released, Suicide Squad is next,  along with the announcement of Wonder Woman, Aquaman, as well as the Justice League. I am sure that DC will get the payday they are looking for when everything starts from the beginning, but if these stories start out bad, then they are going to lose readers.  I LOVE Guardians of the Galaxy, but if the Thing doesn’t get dropped off back on earth soon, I am going to have to rethink this run. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind change but I don’t like “just because” change.  The thing being added to GOTG is ” just because” to me. Fantastic Four is on hiatus so he has to go somewhere I guess, but he doesn’t fit in with the Guardians, in my opinion.

GOTGWhere does it end? How many issues are we going to hit on this run with DC and Marvel? Marvel is already cancelling titles, Star Lord is going to end at issue 8! Other low selling books like Drax, Nova, and Agents are Shield are looking like they are going to at least hit September before the ax could possibly drop on them as well.  By the end of the Civil War arc, Marvel will be between 35-40 ongoing titles. Will they plan another relaunch this soon?  Maybe try DC’s new tactic with the titles being shipped bi-monthly at $2.99?  I sure hope not; I can’t guarantee that I’ll be around for another reboot.  I am a fan of going to the shop each week and picking up my books, going home at night, and immersing myself into other worlds and following my favorite characters, but if these changes continue, how much longer before myself and other fans will continue to tolerate it before saying enough is enough?

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