Motor Crush #1

Creators: Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart, Babs Tarr
Publisher: Image

Reviewed By: Gregory Brothers


As with any relaunch, there are always success stories and failures. When DC relaunched with the New 52, one of the biggest successes was Gail Simone’s Batgirl. When she left the book, it was obvious that it was going to be a hard act to follow. Fortunately, for fans of the character, the new team of Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart, and Babs Tarr were up to the challenge and created a fun, colorful, and street level Batgirl that fans flocked to. As much of a following that the team had when DC rolled out the Rebirth line, Team Burnside was off the book.

But fortunately for fans of the team they must have liked each other because they all decided to team up again to bring to life the original series Motor Crush. A few changes did come with the move, most notably is that Babs Tarr is now also getting a creator credit and the three have decided to work together to create and write the book. The other big change that the team has promised is that Motor Crush will be geared more toward an older audience and that they are going to really get rid of the restraints and ramp up the action.

Motor Crush #1 introduces us to Domino Swift, Dom for short, who is an up and coming racer on the World Grad Prix motorcycle circuit. We also meet Domino’s father, a former WGP champion himself, and current team owner and coach. Finally, we meet Lan, who is the newest member of the racing team, coming in as the new mechanic. For all the things, that Dom does have working for her she does have a secret that she is keeping from those around her, including her father. While she is an up and coming circuit racer by day, at night she participates in illegal street races against different groups of gangs as they race for the contraband known as Crush.

Fans of the Batgirl series will find art that is very familiar to them. However, as familiar as some of the art is, Tarr really takes it to another level throughout this first issue. The expressiveness of the characters faces and actions really lends to the emotions that they are going through. The street races are filled with unique and fun gangs that Dom has to fight and the way they are drawn lends to the over the top idea behind the races. The action during the races is drawn in such a way that you feel as if the picture is moving with the bikes as the taillights streak across the panels.

The Verdict
Buy it!
Being a first issue you have to find that perfect spot where you are giving the reader enough to want them to come back but not so much that you give to much away. Motor Crush #1 not only finds that sweet spot but also does so almost flawlessly. The creators do not waste anytime introducing us to the major players and really draw the reader in so that by the end of Motor Crush #1 you feel invested in Dom and her story. While the focus is on Dom, Fletcher, Stewart, and Tarr introduce enough of the other players throughout that moving forward as other racers are introduced they will not feel like total strangers. Doing so has allowed the team to lay the groundwork for a growing universe as we move forward to future issues. If you were a fan of this team’s previous work, be sure to add Motor Crush #1 to your pull list and get ready for what seems like the start of an exciting ride.

Gregory Brothers
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