Manga: Tamen De Gushi Manhua
Author: Tan Jiu
Artist: Tan Jiu
Status: Ongoing
Subgenres: Comedy, Drama, School Life, Shounen Ai, Slice of Life

tamen de gushi manhua I’m partial to a good yaoi manga, I mean, the first manga I ever read was a Yaoi manga! However I’ve never read a Yuri based one before, well, until now. If you’ve read my last manga review post you would now I’m completely and utterly obsessed with 19 Days, one of the best Shounen Ai mangas I have ever read and of course I wanted to find something related, something else I could fangirl over while I wait patiently for 19 Days to update! I checked for related work on Mangafox and found this new gem.

tamen de gushi manhua Tamen De Gushi Manhua is a romantic love story of Qiu Tong and Sun Jing met and fell in love. This is honestly the description they have on every website about this manga which, to me, is complete spoilers!

So far they have 95 chapters and similar to 19 Days they update regularly so you don’t have to wait weeks on end for a new chapter and, turns out that Old Xian and Tan Jiu and very good friends beyond the manga pages and toner hence why both manga’s and similar in style and content.

There are two main protagonists to the story with one or two secondary characters also. The main protagonist Sun Jing is such a troublemaker and a tomboy. Personally I find her character relatable. I sometimes see my own self in this character, something I didn’t have growing up (I couldn’t particularly relate myself to a Disney Princess) so I find her very enjoyable to read. Her character is very funny and enjoyable to follow. You root for her throughout! Qiu Tong is this shy beautiful blonde who slowly becomes Sun Jing’s love interest. How they first met is just too adorable and funny (the comedic timing and drawing was on point!), obviously I will not go into further detail since you need to read it yourself! The secondary character Qi Fang is so far just a support but, from what I can gather, will have his own story brewing soon.tamen de gushi manhua

The artistic style is soo similar to 19 Days I thought they were drawn and written by the same person! The characters may not be extremely detailed as you get with some other works out there but their feelings is expressed so beautifully!! I do hope that he will begin some new awesome manga’s soon.

It’s so simple and yet so interesting. I absolutely love it!!! It had me gripped from the beginning!! I managed to read the whole manga (thus far) in one day and since the pages are 8-10 long (with the exception of 1 or 2 chapters being about 20 pages long due to EXTREME PLOT DEVELOPMENT) it was quite easy to get through in day!  Even if you’re not into manga’s with the above genres I would still recommend this manga as it’s relaxing to read.

You can read Tamen De Gushi Manhua here

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