If you have not seen the first season of Killjoys continue at your own risk.

Move over Dog the Bounty Hunter, Killjoys are coming back this summer for some more action packed adventures.  For those who do not know or can use a refresher, the show focuses around a three person Killjoy team, intergalactic bounty hunters also known as Reclamation Agents.  Lead by Dutch and supported by the Jaqobis brothers (John and D’avin), they travel the Quad fulfilling arrest/capture/kill warrants handed out by the RAC (Reclamation and Apprehension Coalition), an independent organization serving four colonies.  There are 5 levels a Killjoy can acquire with Level 5 being the highest rank known to the organization, or so we thought. “The Quad, is made up of four moons: Qresh (for the rich), Leith (an exile for people who aren’t rich enough to live on Qresh), Westerley (where the poor and working class live) and Arkyn, which is the smallest of the moons and hasn’t been colonized – or so people think.” The Quad is run by the Company which is made up of 9 bureaucratic families, or “the Nine” as they are referred to, who basically own or run everything.


We were taken on a bunch of exciting adventures around the Quad as the Killjoys fulfilled their warrants and unlocked pieces from their past.  We were also treated to some exciting supporting characters like Alvis, the pious and rebellious monk, Pawter, the exiled Qreshy doctor, and Pree, the friendly neighborhood barkeep, to help keep things interesting.  We learned the world the Killjoys thought they lived in is only a façade which is starting to peel away showing its true self.  Mythical Level 6 RAC agents, long “dead” mentors, diplomatic coups, and evil clandestine organizations have all started to materialize and it is anyone’s guess as to where we go from here.  I head the opportunity to be a part of a conversation with the cast of Killjoys Hannah John-Kamen, Dutch, Aaron Ashmore, John Jaqobis, and Luke MacFarlane, D’avin Jaqobis, to learn more about the upcoming season and this is what they were able to tell us.

This season we get an expansion of everything we have been through last season.  First we get to learn more about what it means to be a Level 6 Killjoy.  We know Dutch’s mentor/estranged father figure is not only the head of the Level 6s but has been training Dutch her whole life to become one.  Right now we do not know much about them but they are seen as an evil clandestine organization hiding within the RAC but according to the cast there is more to them.  They are not good or evil but live in the world of grey.

Last season we only scratched the surface of the main characters’ background but we will be getting much more of each of them.  While last season the team spent most of their time together, this season we will see them continuously go off on their own adventures.  Dutch, as we have seen, is very fond and attached to Johnny in a maternal way but as any parent watching their child grow up, she will be force to let him venture out on his own.

We will also get to more from the supporting characters like Pawter, Alvis, Pree, and even the ships computer Lucy.  When we left the Killjoys it was believe Pree’s precious bar was most certainly going to be leveled in the bombing but this might now be the case.  It sounds like the rebuilding process might make it even better than before.  Pawter and John seem to be developing a spark by the end of the previous season which seems to be explored even further coming up.  Sounds like she will be going from one brother to the other.  Khylen’s motives will be revealed, as well, and we might finally understand why he does what he does.  Like the rest of the Level 6 Killjoys, he lives in various shades of grey.


Religion is going to play an even bigger part this season with the cast making it sound like Alvis will have an even bigger part than before.  The “scarbacks” as they are called already play an important role on Westerly, giving hope to those who need it most, but Alvis and his crew will be taking it a step further.  Those who have finished the show, thus far, might be wondering if this increase focus will fall to Johnny as well but according to Aaron Ashmore John will stay the same old religious skeptic.

Those who might be wanting to know more about Red 17, what it means and who they are, will not have to wait long.  Since D’avin was taken at the end of last season and taken to the Red 17 institute on Arkyn, the moon once thought to be abandoned, we will be thrown right into when we start this upcoming season.

The last thing I am going to say about this season, which the cast shared, is SPACESHIP BATTLE!  If this is not enough to get you excited then I do not know what will.

Remember folks “The Warrant is All!”

Killjoys Season 2 returns to Syfy Friday, July 1st at 9/8c

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