Souko Okita


Well here is a figurine that I definitely need to add to my wishlist! Selected Japanese retailers (Premium Bandai, MegaTre Shop, Animate and its online store) have started accepting pre-orders¬†for Megahouse’s new 1/8th scale figure of Souko Okita, the gender-swapped version of Sougo Okita from the Gintama franchise, for a late July 2017 release. If you’re die-hard fan of the series and are an avid fan of Sougo Okita then this figurine is definitely for you!

The female version’s character appeared in the TV anime’s 275th to 277th episodes that featured the main characters gender-swapping situations, or as it was called in episode, the ‘soul switch’ arc. How did this gorgeous figurine come about? Well, from October to November 2016, Megahouse conducted a poll to determine which Gintama character would next be made into a figure in their high quality figure line for females, “G.E.M.,” and Souko Okita won it beating other three candidates. The price for the 190mm-tall figure is 12,528 yen (about 110 US dollars).1810267a3f2d152b5dc7869f1d11f52c1487215564_full

It’s an absolutely gorgeous figurine and I definitely need to get my hands on it. I love a lot of figurines from the G.E.M series collection but this is on another level. I love the adding of the whip, it works well with the subject matter. Out of all four figurines that were up for the vote this was the best, however the Hijikata figurine would have been funny!

Will you be pre-ordering this fine figurine?


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