We’re nearly coming to the end of the Halloween season. For this week’s Geeky Diaries, I have a Mini Monster High blind bag to open for you guys! I do love the look of Monster High dolls. They look like a lot of fun to take images of. Alas, I am poor, and also this was a gift. I’ve seen unboxing of a few before and they look adorable. I cannot wait to see what mine has in store for me!

The Figurines
I know there are a lot of mini figurines to collect in this series so I shall take out the checklist first and see what the blind bag has to offer.

The mini figurines have been broken down into ten sub-categories which are:

Rag Doll

In total there are 70 mini figurines to collect!! That’s a lot of Monster High, and some are common, some are a great find, others are uncommon whilst some are special edition!! Exciting stuff! All the mini designs are soo cute, and it’s really hard to choose a favourite! Lagoona Blue and Abbey Bominable from the Sleepover group are really cute, pastel feminine designs as well as Rochelle Goyle from the pattern Ghouls! I would be happy with any if I’m honest!

And I got…

Deuce Gorgon
I got myself a Punk Monster High in the form of Deuce Gorgon who is a common. She can be found in the original category along with Frankie Stein, Draculaura, Clawdeen Wolf, Cleo de Nile, Lagoona Blue, Ari Hauntington, Venus McFlytrap (who the hell came up with these names?!) Catrine DeMew, Abbey Bominable, Catty Noir, Rochelle Goyle, Moanica D’Kay, Jinafire Long, Toralei Stripe, Skelita Calaveras, Twyla and Robecca Steam.

I love the minimal amount of colours on her. I love her punk rock look. There are different shades of green but they work really well with this little figure. Not as feminine looking as the other but she’s still cute as hell! I love her snake mohawk design, being a snake owner this really appeals to me!

Will I get More?
Depending on how much they cost, yes definitely!! They’re really cute, and I don’t want her to be on her own! I might buy three more max and do a little haul unboxing for you all!!

You can buy Monster High Mini Figures here.

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