Zoidberg is one of the best characters ever created in animation form! Awkward, weird and downright disgusting on times, Zoidberg embodies all the weird and amazing things a cartoon character should have. The fact I now own him in Funko form makes me one of the happiest animation lover going. I’ve fancied one or two characters in the Futurama Funko series and I’m glad I got Zoidberg.

Futurama is an animated comedy science fiction created by the talented Matt Groening (the creator of The Simpsons) for the Fox network. The show follows the life and adventures of Philip J. Fry, a late 20th century pizza delivery guy from New York, who unwittingly (and without his knowledge as you find out later in the series) gets himself cryogenically frozen for one thousand years and wakes up in the retro-futuristic 31st century. There he lands himself a job on Planet Express which is a delivery company. He ends up falling for his co-worker Lea and pally’s up with the alcohol loving robot Bender.

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Groening envisioned the series in the mid-1990’s while still working on The Simpsons, He then later bought in David X. Cohen to develop storylines that would make you howl with laughter or make you cry like a big baby. He also developed amazing characters such as Bender, Zap Brannigan (most certainly my favourite character in the whole show and Professor Farnsworth. In June 2009, after one cancellation and 4 straight-to-DVD movies, Fox announced that Comedy Central had picked up the show for new epsiodes! The show was renewed for a seventh season which was split between two years. The first half was shown in 2012 while the second half was then shown in late 2013.


Unfortunately it was then revealed that the seventh season would be it’s final season (for now I hope). This was due to the fact that Comedy Central were not commissioning and further episodes. Groening has been known to state that he will attempt to get it picked up on another network however David X. Cohen stated that the episode ‘Meanwhile’, you know the insane tearjerker where everything might start  from the very beginning again?! David X.Cohen stated that the episode would be the season finale. I live in hope otherwise.

Dr John A.Zoidberg (voiced by Billy West) is a lobster-like alien from the planet Decapod 10. He is the physician of Planet Express. Even though he claims to be an expert on humans, his actual knowledge of the human anatomy is questionable. He also lives in a dumpster and eats off scraps. He is held in contempt by everyone on the crew, except for Professor Farnsworth, who is his long-time friend. You find out why they’re so close in the later series.

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The Zoidberg Funko Pop stands well on his own and has not a single scratch or mark on it! And you would notice since his head is so smooth and oval. He looks small in comparison to my Funko Pops but he is actually the same size. The green colour on his jacket is exactly the same as in the cartoon and they have his crab walk pose down to a tee! he is quite possibly one of the cutest Funko Pop I own.

You can purchase Futurama Funko Pops here

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