There are tonnes of Pop! Movies for the collecting! You have an infinite amount of Star Wars, both sets of Ghostbusters as well as the characters from Sixteen Candles. You name a movie and most likely they have  Funko Pops based on their characters. I was just browsing through the list on the Original Funko Website, creating a Funko wishlist in my mind when, to my surprise, I saw they have Funko Pops based on Kill Bill Vol 1! I was very excited when I found out and the best thing is you know this is just the first wave! There are so many characters they can create! But until that day, here I present to you, the Kill Bill Funko Pop Collection!

The Pops

The first wave has 5 characters in it’s collection which include The Bride, Gogo Yubari, Crazy 88, Bill, and O-ren Ishii. Each are the usual Funko size of 3/4 inches and each look true to their form. Each of course has it’s own personal item such as The Bride and Oren-Ishii with their Samurai Swords and Gogo with her ball-weapon-thing (my apologies I have no idea what they’re called).


O-ren Ishii
We find out that O-ren Ishii was one of the members of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad and went by the code-name Cottonmouth. She was born on an American Military base in Tokyo and is half Chinese-Japanese American. She witnesses her parents death and seeks revenge, she then became one of the best assassins around. O-ren becomes the leader of a crime organization in Tokyo where she leads the Crazy 88 and Gogo Yubari.


Crazy 88
The Crazy 88 are a major Yakuza gang who have resided in Japan, for an unknown amount of years. One year after the the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad attempt to assassinate The Bride, O-ren Ishii, with the help of Bill, was able to take control of major companies in Japan. The Bride refers to her as ‘Queen of Tokyo’s underworld’. Due to financial power she was able to gain control over the Crazy 88, and thus they had to follow her orders from then on.


Gogo Yubari
Gogo Yubari is a 17 year-old schoolgirl who gets a thrill when it comes to killing. She is one of O-ren Ishii’s top assassins and is her own personal bodyguard. In her introduction they cut to a scene where she gives herself to a drunken Tokyo Business man and then she disembowels him with a wicked smile on her face. To deceive enemies, she dresses the part of a innocent schoolgirl, hence why her enemies assume she is no threat, which she obviously is.


Bill is the main antogonist in the Kill Bill movie series but you don’t see him at all in the first film. He was the leader of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad and goes by the code-name Snake Charmer. Bill was The Bride’s love interest and the father of her daughter. He attempted to kill The Bride by shooting her in the head.


The Bride
The Bride is the main protagonist in the Kill Bill movie series. She was once a member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad and was known by her code-name Black Mamba. She was romantically involved with Bill. After retiring and attempting to escape her assassin past The Bride is shot in the head by Bill and put into a four year coma. Once she wakes up, she believes her baby is gone and she begins to plot her deadly vengeance on the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad.

Kill Bill

A very cool collection, with a series two (or possibly more) coming in the future!

You can buy the Kill Bill Vol. 1 Funko Pops here!


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