The Dragon Ball Z second wave of Funko Pops are some of my favourite current pops around. I love the array of characters used, especially Bulma and Trunks. I’ve also noticed that it’s a mixture of characters from both the Dragon Ball series as well as the Dragon Ball Z series. Today I want to show you, dear readers, one my favourite Funko’s from the series and one of the most detailed Funko Pops I own: Goku and Nimbus!

funko friday dragon ball z goku nimbus funko friday dragon ball z goku nimbus

There are six to collect from the series which include: Krillin, Bulma, Future Trunks, Young Gohan, and Majin Buu (as well as Goku), all of which are fans favourites! Bulma the Scientist as well Goku & Nimbus are the characters from Dragon Ball while the rest come from the Dragon Ball Z series.  There was also a San Diego Comic Con exclusive! A ‘Dragon Ball Z’ Metallic Painted Beerus, but unfortunately it was only sold in SDCC. You can also snag yourself a God Goku Dragon Ball Z, a Funko Pop exclusive!

Previous released Funko Pop’s include Super Saiyan Goku, Perfect Cell, Frieza, Vegeta and Piccolo. There is also a Resurrection of ‘F’ Super Saiyan Goku available too, where though? I cannot say!

funko friday dragon ball z goku nimbus funko friday dragon ball z goku nimbus

Nimbus appears in the Dragon Ball series as a yellow magical cloud that’s a source of transportation. As compensation for saving Turtle, Goku is given the cloud by Master Roshi in the Dragon Ball series. The cloud can only be ridden by someone with a pure heart and due to Master Roshi’s lust for women he wasn’t able to show the cloud’s full potential to Goku.

In the Dragon Ball Z series, it’s used by Goku during the Vegeta saga. He used Nimbus to save Gohan from Raditz and then used him to save his friends  in the battlefield from Saiyans Nappa and Vegeta.

funko friday dragon ball z goku nimbus funko friday dragon ball z goku nimbus

The Funko Pop
In comparison to my other Funko pops, this one is surprisingly heavier for a 4 inch pop. There is so much detail gone into this. From his tail, to Nimbus, to his robes, every detail has been accounted for. His hair is his best feature! It’s so big!! He stands easily due to his nimbus and the paintwork is on point. There is a lot more variety in the second wave of Dragon Ball Z Funko Pops. I hope they bring out a third!

You can buy Goku & Nimbus Funko Pop here

funko friday dragon ball z goku nimbus

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