Her Eternal Moonlight

Her Eternal MoonlightSailor Moon hit American shores in the 90’s, introducing women to the titular Japanese superheroine and her friends. A fixture in pop culture for decades, Steven Savage and Bonnie Walling decided to ask how the anime/manga phenomena had affected women in North America, and Her Eternal Moonlight was created!

In a series of interviews with over 30 fans, Steve and Bonnie explored just what Sailor Moon meant to them, how it changed their lives, and what effects have endured to this day. What emerges is a remarkable story of a modern fairy tale that inspired and affected women to this day, and whose influences may be even wider than they seem.

Join Steve, Bonnie, and a wide range of fans in a journey through the world of female Sailor Moon fans whose lives were changed. A tale of an imperfect heroine with perfectly human flaws, of a media phenomena that was more than it seems, and a case of perfect timing that changed lives and culture.

  • A show of surprising differences and depths – Sailor Moon’s story, approach, and values deeply affected the audience – and were often deeper (and more subversive) than they seemed.
  • A tale for and about women that didn’t play by familiar rules – A cast of strong, diverse personalities, handled in a way the audience wasn’t used to appealed to viewers – and let an audience see themselves differently.
  • A techno-cultural combination – A show unlike others, arriving as the Internet became a prominent part of a wider fandom, meant Sailor Moon’s fans had an experience that was unlike many that came before.
  • A source of inspiration – How a surprisingly beloved show led people to new creativity, experience, and careers.

Take a voyage back to the 90s and into the future to discover what Sailor Moon meant for her female fans and how her influence affects many of us to this day!

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