Don’t Disrespect Saiyan Cells! Vegeta’s Heroic Battle Begins in episode 63 of Dragonball Super!

We return back to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber just as Vegeta explodes his way out of it. Goku has learned the Mafuuba, also known as the Evil Containment Wave, from Master Roshi. The two are set to be sent to the future once more to try and stop Black and Zamasu. Or is it just Zamasu now, since they both are… Zamasus. Hm.

In the future timeline, a plan has already been put together in case the Saiyans don’t return. Mai has found Zamasu’s hidden home and set out with a troop of soldiers. She’s been given a special “compact-energy” sniper bullet made by Bulma, that should have a similar strength blast to a Ki blast or Kamehameha. However, all the preparation in the world means nothing to a god. Black realizes the bullet is flying toward him in time to slightly adjust, letting it bounce off his earring. Mai’s position compromised, the two fire destruction towards the humans just as Trunks appears yet again to save the day.


Trunks believes he has a plan, noticing that Zamasu drops his guard after being attacked, revelling in his immortality. Trunks goes into his unique Future Saiyan form again, boasting the blue aura and giant hair spikes, though no giant muscles this time. Throwing his sword at Black, he follows up with a beating and a Galick Gun finisher. Black is taken care of for now. Trunks returns to where his sword fell as Zamasu appears behind him. After they duke it out a bit, Trunks figures there must be some limit to how much Zamasu can regenerate. So, why not nuke the both of them? He powers up after grabbing Zamasu in an armlock from behind, but of course, it still can’t be that easy. Black appears and uses his Ki blade to stab through both Zamasu and Trunks.

Trunks did his duty though – he held them long enough for Goku and Vegeta to return. Black immediately destroys the Time Machine when he sees it, saying now they are trapped. Zamasu says the future will be their grave. The next line goes down as one of Vegeta’s Top Ten.  Tapping the pot needed for the Mafuuba, he retorts:

“Oh no. This is your graveyard. We’ve even brought the coffin.”

While everyone is posturing, Bulma quietly puts out the fire on the Time Machine. Just then, Gowasu appears! Teleporting near the others, he announces he’s come for answers about Black and Zamasu. He heard it all from Beerus and wants to know where he went wrong with his student. Black tells Gowasu honestly. He’s killed all the other gods besides Zamasu in this timeline. Every one of them. Even Beerus.  After telling Gowasu this, he tries to kill THIS Gowasu even! After Goku stops Black, Gowasu still insists they could repent using the Dragonballs to wish everyone back… but they destroyed them all. So, no going back. Goku and Vegeta begin to decide who will fight who.


Vegeta wants to battle Black, obviously. Vegeta is stronger than Goku so he will be stronger than his fake, correct? Or at least to Vegeta’s mind. Though he proves himself right away to still be the Prince of Saiyans. He takes Black to town, every hit landing, throwing him through multiple buildings and structures. Zamasu tries to help Black, but is stopped by Goku with minimal effort. Meanwhile, Bulma pulls out a capsule garage to get back to fixing the Time Machine, apparently her only “thing” in this entire arc. She also gets to fixing the now-broken Mafuuba pot, as Trunks dropped it.

Flash back to Vegeta being amazing and absolutely destroying Black. Black can’t understand why this is happening. Vegeta spells it out for him in between blows. Just because he took Goku’s body doesn’t mean that he took Goku’s experience. He doesn’t have the years and years of training and insane battle history behind the muscles. He doesn’t know how to properly control his power. Because he is a fake. Vegeta rushes him with a flurry of punches, grabbing him by the throat, and asks “Would you like to know why? Because you are a FAKE. And I… I am Vegeta. The PRINCE OF ALL SAIYANS! THAT’S WHY!”

That goes down in the Top Ten as well. A very good episode for the Vegeta fans like myself. Will this arc ever end?

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