Dragon Ball Super Episode 98: Oh, Uncertainty! A Universe Despairs!!

On the last episode of Dragon Ball Super, the oft-mentioned Tournament of Power had begun, and Goku just barely managed to avoid a ring-out by Universe 4’s Nink attempting to dive while holding Goku.  We return with Goku on the edge of the ring, surrounded by Universe 9’s animal warriors! The Kai of Universe 9 seems pleased with the situation, talking some smack to Goku as the Star Fox-like humanoid animals circle Goku.

As the battle rages on around them, the three wolves, also known as the Trio de Dangers, begin their assault. Blinking in and out of sight, they and Goku fight it out for a bit. Meanwhile, Whis, Beerus and the Kais of Universe 7 are sitting in the stands, watching events unfold. Whis comments that it seems like Universe 9 is targeting Goku and the Grand Kai agrees. Probably due to their loss in the Zen Exhibition Match. It’s evident they’re right, however. No other universe has sent their entire team after one person up to this point. The Kais wonder why Goku isn’t using Super Saiyan Blue from the start, and Whis lets them know how it works. Its immense power is given by draining stamina incredibly fast, and with a no-healing item rule in place, it would be better to save it for when it’s needed.

Everyone’s eyes are on Goku at this point, both the Zenos and Champa as well. Beerus seems to have faith in Goku but yells at him a reminder that he only needs to knock the others off the ring. The wolves from Universe 9 form a triangle around Goku. One starts in with his poison-coated fist attacks, but through training with Gohan, they devised a way to counter it. A thin Ki barrier over the skin stops direct contact, thus negating the poison’s effects. The wolf brothers keep up the pressure by using combination team attacks, switching places and trading off hits.

Frieza is not going to let Goku have all the fun. He sees his rival enjoying the fighting and thinks it’s about time he enjoys it as well. Frieza stops holding back and fires a laser through his next attacker’s heart. Meanwhile, the wolves are circling Goku, telling their past woes as taunts. The wolves grew up in Universe 9, which did not have much of anything to go around it seems. They had to devise teamwork and trust in each other to fend off larger threats every day. They invented this technique themselves… the Dangers’ Triangle! Everyone groans a bit at the name, but Zeno loves it. So childish.

The wolves seem to be wearing Goku down with their repeating triangle attacks. They zip past him with a hit and trade places while keeping Goku in the center. Suddenly, Vegeta teleports himself inside the triangle beside Goku! He asks Goku why he’s wasting time here. The Universe 9 Kai finds it amusing that someone would put themselves willing in the Dangers’ Triangle. He tells all of Universe 9’s fighters to focus on the Saiyans, making it eight versus two.

Whis is worried about the teamwork of the Saiyans. As if hearing him, Vegeta does what he always does – acts on his own. He saw Goku use the Ki barrier technique against the poison fist, and does the same thing, taking out the wolf. But then, a female cat makes a quick slice with giant red claws! Vegeta dodges it, but she swears he won’t again, running at him at full speed. She was a distraction however for one of the wolves to go in for a punch!

On the other side, Goku is now dealing with the biggest of the wolf trio and a dragon-man? I love this show. The dragon is introduced as the Iron Skin Battler Chappil, and Goku’s punch does not even budge him. More Universe 9 battlers show up to corner Goku again. The Saiyans are having a hard time with these unknown enemies, and seem to be getting pushed back. Suddenly, two attackers back off Vegeta, and the giant rock man finally does something – fires an ice beam at Vegeta’s arm, freezing it from the elbow down.

Just as the cat and youngest wolf go in for the attack, Vegeta simply moves, and they hit each other, causing a moment of confusion. Goku powers up to Super Saiyan and blasts Chappil and the eldest wolf off the stage! Vegeta goes after the cat, solidly dunking her through the stage.  But then the tides turn again when the creepy-looking red fighter fires…spider webbing all over Vegeta’s other arm?

Oregano is this fighter’s name (this naming scheme will never end) and his webs only last a few moments while Vegeta lets them know – he is, in fact, still the Prince of All Saiyans. Going Super Saiyan breaks the ice and webs immediately, and he knocks both fighters out with a blast. Frieza intimidates the other bat creature, and the bat flees off the stage, fearing for his life. That’s seven of Universe 9’s fighters gone, leaving only the Trio de Dangers! Through Goku’s fancy footwork and Vegeta’s raw power, the wolves are pushed to the edge of the fighting stage.

The wolf brothers have one final trick up their sleeves! A tri-coloured fused beam attack from all three called the Triangle Danger Beam. As the blast flies towards the Saiyans, they both go Blue and fuse their ultimate beam techniques, the Final Flash and the Kamehameha, much like their actual fused form and fire the Final Kamehameha. It easily rockets the Dangers out of the ring. Basil, Lavender, and Bergamo are out, leaving Universe 9 with no one. The young kings hold up their hands, and suddenly all Universe 9 beings are erased from existence. Will Universe 7 be able to make it through and avoid erasure? Things are getting dangerous on Dragon Ball Super!

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