The Claws of a Killer #1

Writer: Mariko Tamaki
Pencils: Bruce Guice
Inker: Cam Smith
Colors: Dan Brown
Letterer: Joe Sabino
Publisher: Marvel Comics

A review by Greg Brothers

After killing Wolverine off a few years ago Wolverine has been resurrected. The problem is no one seem to be able to find him. In addition, no one knows what type of state of mind he is in. Kitty Pryde has put together several teams to find clues and hopefully find Wolverine. What she is unaware of is that some of Wolverines greatest enemies have formed a team of their own to hunt him down and return him to a final resting place.

With his death, Lady Deathstrike, Daken, and Sabretooth felt a tinge of disappointment. Not because Logan was dead, but because they did not have a direct hand in his death. So, when word of Logan not being dead start to float around the Marvel Universe, Lady Deathstrike reaches out to put together a team who may not like each other but all have one goal, bury Wolverine again.

From page one, panel one you get the vibe that The Claws of the Killer #1 is going to be a darker tale in the return of Wolverine. The panels are bathed in a greyish purple hue. The line work is scratchy, and undefined. Shadows hide and distort faces, adding mystery to the emotions that fill the characters. Sabretooth is drawn in a way that highlights his animal instincts. The action within the panels flows seamlessly, while the big reveal at the end is drawn in a way that would frighten even the most avid Sunday night TV watcher.

Tamaki has the team dynamic down within The Claws of the Killer #1. These three characters do not like, much less trust each other, and the dialogue and actions match that. This piece of the Hunt for Wolverine feels a little bit different than the parts we have previously gotten. The story starts with a focus on a small town in Arizona and some sort of special operations team. While we do not find out what their goal is, we do find out that it does not bode well for the town. Much of the rest of the issue is the three enemies discussing their plan for tracking down and eliminating Wolverine. However, it is the end of the book that provides the biggest reveal. It is one that will could have a lasting impact and turns the whole event on its ear.


Buy! The Claws of the Killer #1 injects a whole new element to the series. It feels different than the other minis that have come out so far which matches to the unique goal of this team. While the team is interesting, it is the backdrop and twist that makes this series a must read.


Gregory Brothers
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