Name: Worm Max
Country: China
Release Date: 2015
Director: Cannot find
Writer: Cannot find
Actor(s): Wang Zheng (Qiao Zi Jun)
Zhang Zi Wen (MAX)

Eastern Asians dramas have become very popular recently. Usually my Tumblr dash is being flooded with cute Korean drama stills. I do not really have the time (at the moment anyway) to watch a full drama series so I found myself searching for a one episode special. I finally found Worm MAX.

Plot:  Worm MAX story of the tall, handsome, yet shy male lead Qiao Zi Jun who unfortunately has to deal with a broken robotic male lover called Max while trying to pursue his lovely next door neighbor Pan Xiao Yue and get rid of Xiao Yue’s best friend Chen Xi.


The whole drama is charming and funny. The chemistry between our two male protagonist makes keeps the story interesting as you don’t know whether their relationship will take either the platonic or the romantic route. Our two female protagonists relationship is relatable to all female friendships. I could see myself and my housemate in those two. I can definitely relate to Chien Xi, I’m constantly on the phone hehehe.

The drama is just over an hour long. The plot seems slightly rushed at times, as if the writer and director are trying to pack as much as they can in the little time slot they have.  I feel there are some scenes were not needed but if they were deemed necessary they should’ve been given a bit more time, just a tiny bit more time. Maybe this storyline would’ve worked better as a series.


I love the cinematography in the whole drama. The lighting just sets that Kawaii pastel tone the creators were trying to achieve. Personally I found it aesthetically pleasing. I found the script to be slightly dated in parts, such as when the girls believe that Max and Qiao are together. The script has some them saying, “it’s legal in America now’, and ‘we need to get with the times anyway’. I found that a bit strange since these are 21st century youth and I doubt they would be this… backwards… I guess.

The acting is fun to watch, Ziang Zi Wen played a very convincing robot. From his stance to his head turns during the fashion shoot, he played it well with what little character development his character had.

One thing that caught my attention was the choice of music used through the film. We had Justin’s Bieber’s ‘Baby Baby’ and Maroon 5’s ‘Maps’ which was played constantly throughout the film. Once played that was it, no song came up afterwards. They were not bad choice of songs don’t get me wrong, just…not what I was expecting. Personally Bieber’s song was definitely not needed.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Worm MAX. It was fun, not too over the top but could’ve been slightly longer.

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