Awesome Games Done Quick 2017

It is that time of year again! Following last years incredibly successful Summer Games Done Quick, which raised a total of $1,792,632 for Doctor’s Without Borders, Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) will be raising money for The Prevent Cancer Foundation. Last year, Awesome Games Done Quick raised $2,222,791 for The Prevent Cancer Foundation. The marathon will be running all week, for 7 days straight starting Sunday January 7th. You can watch Awesome Games Done Quick on twitch, and they post all speedruns within a couple days of their completion on their youtube channel. You can donate here, while voting for various goals throughout the week.

Here’s the game schedule for Sunday, January 7th. All times are in Eastern, and I have bolded some of my personal favorites. Don’t forget to check back here with me for your daily AGDQ updates!

Time & Length Run Runners Setup Length
12:00 AM 007 Agent Under Fire Mr_Shasta 0:10:00
0:45:00 Any%
12:55 AM Burnout Paradise espumbrajolt 0:10:00
1:30:00 BSI 100%
2:35 AM Serious Sam 3: BFE Kotti 0:10:00
0:50:00 any%
3:35 AM El Matador DrTChops 0:10:00
0:25:00 Any%
4:10 AM Risk of Rain scaz.zaf 0:10:00
0:20:00 any% 2x zoom
4:40 AM DYE TGH 0:10:00
0:48:00 Any% No Hard Mode
5:38 AM Lovely Planet Bullets, sigma 0:10:00
0:13:00 Any% Race
6:01 AM Super Lovely Planet sigma 0:10:00
0:14:00 All Levels
6:25 AM Rayman Glackum 0:10:00
1:30:00 Any%
8:05 AM Dynamite Headdy chronoon 0:10:00
0:45:00 any%
9:00 AM Ristar Liz the Goddess 0:10:00
0:32:00 Any%
9:42 AM Gargoyles Cypherin 0:10:00
0:25:00 Easy Any%
10:17 AM Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance VB__ 0:10:00
0:23:00 Maxim All Bosses
10:50 AM Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Dr4gonBlitz 0:10:00
0:35:00 Zero Bosses
11:35 AM Fire Emblem 8: The Sacred Stones Kirbymastah 0:10:00
1:25:00 Eirika vs Ephraim bid war
1:10 PM Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Claris 0:10:00
2:35:00 Any% Normal
3:55 PM Super Mario 3D World peteyboo 0:10:00
2:05:00 Any%
6:10 PM Half-Life: Opposing Force alexh0we 0:20:00
0:30:00 any% Scriptless
7:00 PM SETUP BLOCK 2 Tech Crew 0:20:00
0:35:00 Any%
7:55 PM Left 4 Dead 2 mr.deagle, The Master, burhác, MrFailzzz 0:10:00
0:58:00 Main Campaigns Co-op
9:03 PM Dying Light TheFuncannon, Amyrlinn 0:10:00
1:45:00 Any% Co-op
10:58 PM Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Carcinogen 0:10:00
1:50:00 New Game Madhouse
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