The Internet is at it again this April Fool’s with high-production value videos explaining joke apps, articles that are clearly not true but elicit angry and confused comments by the mile, and geek-related products we wish were actually available to buy! Here’s some of what the cyber world has offered us in 2016.


Wretched Tooth 2016

Tumblr Decision 2016
Are the American election campaigns starting to annoy non-American you? Distract yourself with Tumblr’s Decision 2016 where you can cast your vote for four different hat wearing lizards. I’ve already voted–Wretched Tooth may be a chameleon but he won’t blend in with the rest!

Groovy Maps
It’s Google Maps but with Funky Town playing. It’s Groovy Maps… Is that it? After Pac-Man last year I was really hoping for more.

Gmail Minions
Google’s email service had a Minion themed mic drop option that would let you leave an email thread but a bug was causing more heartache than laughs and it’s already been taken down… Is it just me, or did Google really blow it this year?

The internet’s most popular procurer of porn has become Cornhub. Visit today and their homepage is nothing but pictures of corn. And damn if it isn’t some sexy corn.

The Products We Want But May Never Have
ThinkGeek has done it again; it’s filled its homepage with products that don’t exist but that the populace would love to get its hands on! Some highlights of their ‘available’ products are: a giant, inflatable Attack on Titan lawn ornament, a VR Sensory Immersion Generator, and the Plumbus.

YouTube’s SnoopaVision
A development that’s been a long time coming! You can now watch any YouTube video in 360 with Snoop Dogg.


The app that shows you things you’ve post in the past is showing posts from the future, including Bieber’s Greatest Hits, Fast & the Furious 17, and quote’s from President Kanye.

The Fury of Maul
Netflix has a new original series coming out! A live action Star Wars that follows Darth Maul! It’s a shame they had to announce this very true thing on April Fool’s. The production value look great guys. I think this one is legit.

OpenTable Taste
A new, handy-dandy app that allows you to taste select meals from restaurants by simply pulling up the meal you’d like to sample and licking your screen! An extra appealing thought considering how many people take their phones into the bathroom with them!


The Death of Trader Joe’s
Yahoo had a posted article about Trader Joe’s shutting down and discontinuing all its products by 2017. It’s since been taken down but the damage it causes is still visible on Twitter.

Who Ya Gonna Call?
Nobody! Take care of your ghost problem all on your own with Sony’s working proton pack!


The Great Web Comic Fued of 2016
A group of web comic artists have all drawn the same four panel comic and are staging fights all over Twitter with the other artists.

Library and Archives Canada has declassified journals and military records of Canadian super soldier James “Logan” Howlett. Wolverine is Canadian you know, that part isn’t a joke! *salutes Maple tree*

16th Annual April Fool’s Day Parade
Joey Skaggs may be the King of April Fool’s. Since 2000 he’s been issuing press releases announcing his nonexistent parade. Themes throughout the years have included ‘Beat ‘em, Bust ‘em, Book ‘em’, a tribute to New York, L.A. and Seattle police departments, the ‘Atlanta Braves Baseball Tribute to Racism’ and a float featuring John Rocker spewing racial epithets at the crowd. Back in 2000 he even got CNN and Fox to show up to cover the parade.

Amelia Wellman
I read, I write, I play videogames, Ghostbusters is my favourite thing in the known universe, but quasars come in at a close second. I've been known to cry at the drop of a hat over happy and sad things alike. I've also been known to fly into a rage if things don't go my way, leading to many a fight in high school and breaking someone's nose on the TTC one time. I'm an anxious introvert but also a loud-mouthed bad influence. Especially on my cat. He learned it from watching me, okay!

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