The Adventures of Auroraman #4

Writer: Jeff Burton
Artist, Letterer: Sharon Gauthier
Editor: Martin Boruta
Publisher: Mini Jeff Productions

Auroraman finds himself in a pickle in The Adventures of Auroraman #4. While trying to stop Tiger Claw, who stole a mystical sword, Auroraman has a vision of someone like him in Feudal Japan. The Aurora Ronin fights two thugs and tells them that he’s coming for their master Re-Ccy-Klor-San. The vision ends, and Auroraman stops Tiger Claw, but more questions are raised from their encounter.

Jeff Burton has finally listened to my prayers! Longer stories! And instead of just giving us longer stories that start and end in 20 pages, Burton has chosen to craft a story that will both pique readers’ interests and take a few issues to flesh out. Past issues have seen Burton writing multiple stories, often one pagers, within a single issue. Here, with The Adventures of Auroraman #4, you can tell that Burton has taken his time to develop this story, and it pays off. Some of the jokes even pay tribute to his day job as a teacher.

Sharon Gauthier does an amazing job drawing in basically two different styles: one for the real world Auroraman, and another for the vision of the Aurora Ronin. She uses a lot of greens and yellows, colours seen in the Northern Lights, for the scenes of Auroraman. Conversely, the Aurora Ronin episodes are in black and white. It’s very similar to manga style art, and Gauthier uses a lot of lines to create shading.

The Verdict: Buy it.

I have been a staunch supporter of Jeff Burton and Auroraman in the past. And I believe my faith has been rewarded in The Adventures of Auroraman #4. I think this is the best Auroraman comic yet, and I’m not just saying that because I make a cameo appearance.

The Adventures of Auroraman #4 will be available July 21st at Ganbatte Con in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and through the Facebook page.

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