Fans voted her in but professional gamers want her out.

The Spanish Smash Bros community can’t seem to have fun in tournaments with Bayonetta on the board. Claiming the hair-raising witch is too over-powered against the tired-and-true characters of the series, they’ve begun the process of banning players from using her as their main when they enter Smash Bros play-offs in the country.

Bayonetta was released via digital download to the beat ‘em game after winning the Fan Fighter Ballot in December 2015. She totes pistols with bottomless ammo, demon summoning abilities with her hair, and specializes in aerial combos. But she’s not unbeatable. Her weaknesses are all listed on the Smash Bros wiki and some are highly exploitable. She’s tall and light-weight so she’s easy to combo and KO. Her attacks also have quite a bit of lag, especially her smash attacks, and she has a weak grab that can be shielded against without too much trouble.

She’s been in the game for two months now and professional Smasher Gonzalo Barrios (aka “ZeRo”) has taken to Twitter to note that he:

“…doesn’t agree with the ban so early in the life of the character…” and that he’d like to “…learn to beat her.”

The ban isn’t official yet and if you’re interested in keeping up with the unfolding Smash drama you can check out @SmashBrosSpain Twitter feed. Likewise, if you’re interested in seeing some pro-tips for playing as/playing against Bayonetta, check out @ZeRo’s Twitter.

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