19 Days is back and we’re about to start a new arc!! How exciting!! The last few chapters have had the fanbase on edge so calm is very much needed. Previously we saw handsome bodyguard man taking Jian Yi to school. What can we expect in this chapter? Let’s find out…

The mock exam is over and the boys are heading to lunch. Mo Guanshan is leaving early and on his cycle home, he spots a stray dog…

Mo Guanshan is such an aggressive, loveable human being. I cannot believe how much we hated him when he was first introduced and now look at us, we love him! He is my favourite since he’s had soo much character development. I still think there is soo much we don’t know about him and why he the way he is. I think underneath the angry layering there is a kind loving soul, I honestly think he’s is naturally a kind hearted person. Maybe someone took advantage of that kindness and now he puts on this angry, defensive front. I bet He Tian will break him though. Speaking of He Tian…

He has spent soo much time with that boy he’ll start seeing him in everything now. I think Old Xian is hinting at the early stages of a crush. You know, when little things start reminding you of someone and then you don’t stop thinking about them and then the crush begins etc etc. I think that’s what we’re seeing now. Maybe in this arc we’ll start seeing little Mo coming to the realisation that he might like He Tian, a bit more than he thought he did. Or I might be over-thinking it. I actually can’t wait to see what happens next!

Next Chapter:
I think we’ll be seeing Jian Yi and Zhang with He Tian or we’ll get to see where Mo Guanshan is heading. I’m excited to see what’s ahead!!

You can read 19 Day here.

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