19 Days is back again this week!! Old Xian is really turning them out!! It’s been pretty difficult keeping up with all the chapters. In the last chapter we saw Zhang getting his face moisturised by his creepy little sister and having to inform Jian Yi about. So, what will we be getting in this chapter? Let’s find out…

Little Mo is in distress, needing to know if He Tian is fine. He Tian answers the door and tells Little Mo to clean up the tomato sauce on the floor. Of course Mo is not impressed and he was certainly unimpressed with what came next.

He Tian is such a little pisser. I honestly don’t blame little Mo for wanting to punch his face this time. Tomato stains you little shit!! Poor Mo having to clean it all up while he just lays there, trying not to laugh. You know what’s really cute? Little Mo used his jacket as a pillow for He Tian! He is too pure for this world and is definitely too good for He Tian.

I think He Tian needs a moment or a situation where he stops taking little Mo for granted. It’s definitely going to happen soon. I can feel it looming. He’s going to take it too far and then boom, everything will then go to shit. Until they get back together of course.

Next Chapter:
I would like to think it’ll be a continuation of this blessed chapter but something tells me that Old Xian knows we want that to happen….so it won’t happen. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing the boys next day in school but you never know, I might be completely wrong or, to put it in other words, I hope I’m wrong!

You can read 19 Days here.

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