Once again 19 Days has been released and this chapter came out later than usual. In the last chapter we saw Jian Yi and Zhang struggling with homework as well as what’s an acceptable selfie. What will happen this time round? Let’s find out…

We see a little He Tian asking his brother where his dog has gone (he rescued a dog in a previous flashback chapter). His brother gives him an answer he didn’t quite expect…

What a sad and yet sweet chapter we were given this time around. He Tian clearly doesn’t want to lose those close dear to him (such as the puppy and Mo Guanshan) and he has sub consciously drilled into his own little mind that he has to protect anything that he holds dear, including Mo Guanshan. The fact he rings him after his nightmare to make sure he’s still there is such a sweet and yet a really sad move.

He Tian’s family history seems emotionally messed up. What kind of brother tells his little brother he buried his dog?? Poor little Tian. We’ve seen another side to him again in this chapter. We’ve seen the loving, caring He Tian. The fact he becomes more relieved and calm as soon as he hears Mo Guanshan’s is also slightly sad too.

Mo Guanshan’s reaction was expected and also, let’s be honest, understandable. Not many of us want to be woken up in such early hours of the morning without a clear explanation. However, I think it should be pointed out that regardless how angry he was he still answered the phone. He didn’t have to do that.

Next Chapter: We’re definitely starting a new day in the next chapter, whether it’ll be another day in school or a weekend we’re definitely continuing on from the next day. I also believe that Jian Yi and Zhang will be our next main focus.

You can read 19 Days here.

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