Workaholics_S6_eIt’s been a little while since I watched Comedy Central’s Workaholics. For a time (probably the first three seasons), I followed the show pretty closely, laughing hysterically at Blake, Anders, and Adam along with the friends that I converted into fans.

It wasn’t that the show was delightfully relatable because generally speaking, it really isn’t. It’s that it was so ridiculously wacky and uncomfortable that you couldn’t help but want to watch it. Like a mix of Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, where every single moment is a horrific situation that you know he’s walking into, a train wreck, and Broad City. But I think we all know someone like the guys in the show, in varying degrees, whether it’s someone we went to school with, a co-worker, or a neighbour, or even a friend.

Although I haven’t seen Workaholics for a few seasons, I was still able to pick up the show right where I left off with it. It didn’t feel like I was missing anything, as the show doesn’t really follow any particular story arc, and the cast was all the same. For that matter, the characters were all the same too. There had been no real growth or change amongst them since the last time I had tuned in, which is honestly just fine for a show like Workaholics.

While Workaholics Season 6 is starting to feel a bit worn thin with its plotlines, it still manages to bring the laughs. I’m not sure if that’s because I’m easily amused or because the writing is still enjoyable, but either way, it remains enjoyable to watch, in a sort of painfully ridiculous way.

It’s like watching your cat drink from the toilet bowl when she has a bowl of fresh water mere footsteps away (no, this is not a rewrite of Alanis Morrisette’s “Ironic”). She has no real reason to drink from the toilet but she’s a cat and she’s driven by insane kitty instincts. She’s a sweet, beautiful dumb dumb, much like the boys of Workaholics. They’re driven by instincts with lack of brains that are fueled by drugs and alcohol.

The first half of this season was the strongest for me, but that may have had to do with the fact that one of the episodes is all about Blake becoming a cat dad and learning what it means to have pet responsibilities (“Save the Cat”). I legit laughed out loud several times throughout the episode as Blake tries to do his best to take care of a dumpster cat (that they name Denny’s) with his friend and co-worker, Jillian. I’m partial to pretty much ANYTHING to do with cats, but regardless, it was a super solid and hilarious episode.

Watch it! I wouldn’t say for you to go out of your way to buy this season if you are unfamiliar with Workaholics. There are definitely funnier seasons to try if you want to dabble in the show. However, if you’re a fan of Blake, Ders, and Adam, it’s exactly what you’d expect from the guys following five previous seasons.

Workaholics is the kind of show that you want to put on with some friends on a Friday night while you’re drinking or partaking in other activities. It’s the perfect mindless thing to enjoy together or just have on as background noise; it’s silly, nonsensical, and pretty great at helping you feel better about the direction your life is going in.

Workaholics Season 6 arrives on DVD on June 21, 2016 (today).

Episode List:
1. Wolves of Rancho
2. Meth Head Actor
3. Save The Cat
4. Death Of A Salesman
5. Gone Catfishing
6. Going Viral
7. Night at the Dudeseum
8. The Fabulous Murphy Sisters
9. Always Bet On Blake
10. The Nuttin’ Professor

Bonus Features:
· Deleted Scenes
· Bloopers
· Drunkmentary on All Episodes

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