Wet Moon V1: Feeble Wanderings
Oni Press
Cover by: Annie Mok
Created & Illustrated by: Sophie Campbell
Art by: Sophie Campbell
Cleo’s Diary Pages: Jessica Calderwood
Review by Insha Fitzpatrick

Wet Moon - Oni Press Cover: Annie MokHave you ever read something that immediately hit you in the gut? In the aftermath, you put it down, take it in and say, “Wow… ” That’s how Wet Moon feels. The first and second time around.

Wet Moon V1 is a reprinted and updated versions of Sophie’s early Wet Moon books. This time, it includes some fantastic extra pieces (such as Fan Art, bios of the characters and a short) inside of its pages as well. Even though it’s a reprint, Wet Moon the second time around is just as effective as the first. There’s so much life in Wet Moon that you can never erase.

It’s almost impossible to keep in all the feelings about this book. So I’ll try to do my best. Wet Moon is a hauntingly, wonderful coming of age story about a group of friends in college. Some know each other, some are meeting for the very first time, but all the while you’re greeted with some characters you’ll always remember and never want to forget. We start our story off with Cleo moving into her first shared door with two roommates who never seen to be around. She’s greeted by her three best friends that she’s known since high school. Trilby, beautiful and energetic, yet needy best friend, Mara, Cleo’s 99% always angry friend and Aubrey, who seems like a wandering butterfly at this point, but as the story progresses seems to be finding herself as well.

The thing that will make you absolutely swoon about this book are the characters. I’m a sucker for good character design and development. Sophie Campbell creates these characters, not only with realistic and diverse bodies, but within a subculture that is rarely seen or recognized! There’s so much to the alternative and gothic subculture that no one has talking about, but Sophie does an amazing job letting the reader be apart of the culture. Sophie keeps these characters humble, but places them in a world where their culture almost reigns supreme. Brilliant. The character development is a slow burn, which is excellent, and really makes you want to dive into each character and know about their life and the mysteries behind them.

Buy It! If you’re looking for something different or have read it before, Wet Moon is the best thing out there. You’ll swoon over the illustrations and characters by Sophie and find yourself drawn to them and the world that she’s created.

Insha Fitzpatrick
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