Writer and Artist: Lyon Becker
Reviewed by David Hildebrand 

Growing up, I used to love getting my hands on the Sunday paper to read the full color comic strip section. Today, comics and comic strips alike tend to get further and further away from print.  Comics are readily available to read on your computer, tablet, or cell phone. Independent writers and artists have taken to the web to self publish their own works. Add a Patreon option and you are are in business! We live in an incredible time where you don’t have to wait as long to get noticed, you get up off your ass and do it yourself!

Undecayed caught my attention because like the Sunday comics I used looked forward to weekly, Undecayed is also released weekly.  Every Monday, a new page is up and ready to read. Lyon Becker writes and illustrates Undecayed.  The story so far is about Louis, a young guy that appears to be your normal every day guy.  He has his own place, has a girlfriend, but also has a friend that just happens to be a zombie, whose name is Zombie. There’s a misunderstanding as Zombie hears noises coming from Louis’s bedroom.  Zombie busts in on Louis and his girlfriend, Felicia having sex. The pair freak out. Zombie, clearly embarrassed apologizes and leaves.  Felicia asks how Louis can live with Zombie because he is the undead. Zombie takes offense, leaves, and Louis is close behind him trying to smooth over what Felicia said.  Things take an interesting turn and Louis ends up dying, leaving Zombie questioning what he is supposed to tell Felicia.

Undecayed is an amusing story so far. But I have questions! Where the hell did Zombie even come from? I want to know his story! Poor Louis got dealt a raw deal early, but I’m sure Zombie will help him along his way in the afterlife. I like what Becker has done here. For only being released once a week, he makes a lot happen weekly. Some pages have no words at all but the art progresses the story along nicely. And I like the art! It is very cartoonish and could easily translate into animation.  My first thought was that this could turn into a show on Adult Swim!  It would fit considering that Undecayed has adult themes, violence and language.  It is very much intended for older audiences.

Check it out!
Becker has a winner on his hands here.  He produces Undecayed along with another webcomic, Bent Pins.  Bent Pins is about fake video games and is also worth taking a look at.  Becker has a store attached to his website where you can purchase a PDF of Undecayed and he also has a Patreon.  So go to www.undecayed.com and give Becker and his Zombie some love and money! I can’t stress how important it is to support creators like Lyon Becker. They work hard on their craft and deserved to be recognized. As for me, I have a new webcomic to add to my reading list every Monday!

Dave Hildebrand
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