There are so many movies out there with video games in them and a lot of them are horror movies. Join us as we take a look at how you’ll find these games in movies.

The Bishop of Battle
This part of a film called Nightmares showed a bizarre world within video games. It’s a bit of a pious representation, as the player becomes obsessed with a cabinet game. He’s so obsessed with getting to the 13th level before anyone else in the arcade, so much so that he even steals money from other players.

As time goes on and his obsession continues, he foregoes all other activities and also completely ditches his schoolwork too. At the end of the segment, we see that the player is sucked into the game as the main character. Although this is the basis for films like Tron, this lesson is darker than that, showing the main character trapped in the game for all eternity.

The cult thriller Rampage took us on a hunting adventure and the result was a highly fascinating and well-reviewed film. We see the would be killer in many settings throughout the film, but none are quite as amusing as the bingo scene in Rampage. This shows the players in the bingo hall with their eyes down, exactly as you would expect, as the killer makes his way through.

The bingo players aren’t even aware of the killer making his way through the midst, as they’re so engrossed in the game. This pretty much represents any bingo hall we’ve been to so we’d say it’s more than accurate.

For a really trippy look into the world of a player, this movie can’t be beaten. It takes you on a psychological adventure, which places the main character under hypnosis and in the game. The game itself forces the character to kill others, but then it all becomes confusing whether the act was real or not.

This puts a bit more of a twist on what we expect from video game horrors, as it doesn’t take us down that same prescribed route. It’s more of a delicate, psychological horror that we didn’t really expect initially. At the end of the movie, we weren’t really sure how to feel as it’s a bit ambiguous.

Speaking of the prescribed route, Arcade takes us right back to the stuck in the game idea. The AI behind the game is created to test the game’s testers, but this has a nasty and real effect in real life.
We follow a female protagonist, who’s life has become a bit lacklustre, as one parent has passed away and the other has become an addict. When her boyfriend disappears as a result of the evil AI, it’s up to our main character to beat the game and save him.

Although the plot of the movie is somewhat pedestrian, the action sequences and shots are a delight to watch. It’s everything we love and hate about cheesy movies from this period in time.

Now you have some excellent horror movies to get watching, so what are you waiting for? These will transport you somewhere totally different and will be sure to thrill you.

Stephen Combs
An amateur writers based in St. Louis who would eventually like to change the amateur part, Stephen can be seen at the St. Louis Renaissance Faire as a regular cast member or online in World of Warcraft as part of guild Gnomergan Forever .

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