Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you’re like me, you might get slightly stuck in finding the right gift and card for that special geeky someone. With the commercial aspect of Valentine’s Day getting bigger and bigger each year, there is a the perfect Valentine’s gift out there for that special someone, it’s just a matter of finding it. Below I have cute gift ideas for that special weeaboo in your life from the site Shut Up and Take My Yen!

Anime Valentine’s Cards
Store: playerNo2
These cards are very cute and there is something for everyone, for every preference. We have cards on Dragon Ball Z, Studio Ghibli, as well as One Punch Man. I’ve bought one or two for myself! The Zelda and Mario cards are particularly adorable.


Valentine Bulbasaur Planter
Store: SkipDesign3D
Look at these adorable little personalized white and red Pokemon Bulbasaur, complete with a saucer for drainage! Specially designed for Valentine’s Day it shows heart eyes and a heart shaped saucer. You can have it in three different sizes and with the name of your beloved. If your other half has green fingers and is an avid fan of Pokemon, then this may be the gift for her/him.


Pokeball Engagement Ring Box
Store: JessichuCreations
If you’re planning on popping that question to that special someone then maybe add some character to your proposal by presenting a ring in a Pokemon engagement ring box! It’ll make the proposal extra cute and extra special because you’ve included his/hers favourite anime.


Dragon Ball Z Engagement Ring
Store: ZandersCreations
I didn’t really want to share my future engagement ring with you all but I couldn’t keep it to myself! This one is for the ladies and there is also one for the guys. I’ll post an image of both of them below. If your love for him/her is over 9000 and evolving with great strength, then these are definitely the rings for you!



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