batmanvsupermanFans of DC movies rejoice, according to a rumor at birth.movies.death that I have no clue is true or not, apparently there is tension between Zack Snyder and Warner Brothers over the direction of the Justice League movie. Apparently people were shocked at how badly Batman v Superman was received, and now WB is wanting some changes. Under normal circumstances, with a normal movie and normal people being involved this would be a bad thing. Let’s be clear about one thing though, this is coming off the abomination that was BvS and that means any changes are likely for the better.

It’s likely that WB wants the DC Murderverse as Rob Bricken at i09 calls it to be less murder, and happier which is for the better. If Zack Snyder gets his way we’re in for another miserable grimdark movie in which none of the characters are likable, or whose actions actually make sense. The movie needs to be cheerier. It needs to not take itself so damn seriously. The success of BvS was not due to its quality and the lack of holdover week to week shows that. It was sold on its concept, and that concept was intriguing enough to get people to come in that first weekend. The executives at the WB have to realize this.

It’s also worth noting that even if the movie turns into a complete mess, it is still likely not going to be that much worse than Snyder’s original vision. That is the most important part about this. I don’t need to see an angry, Namoresque Aquaman or a super serious Flash. DC movies should be fun and respectful of their characters. They should be a bit goofy, and most certainly they should not be grimdark. Hopefully these changes will be for the better, or if not maybe they’ll produce an entertainingly bad film. It will beat the boring super serious one we’re likely to get.

Stephen Combs
An amateur writers based in St. Louis who would eventually like to change the amateur part, Stephen can be seen at the St. Louis Renaissance Faire as a regular cast member or online in World of Warcraft as part of guild Gnomergan Forever .

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