Welcome to the April 2016 LootCrate review/unboxing. The Theme for the month is Quest.

LootCrate is a monthly subscription box for fans of various pop culture areas including comics, video games, tv, movies, etc. It is filled with 5-8 various items including a T-shirt every month. The cost of the box is right around $20 and with that they say the items should value at least $45. With more items becoming exclusive it makes it hard to break down the costs, what I will do is look for similar items or what the average ebay prices are


The teaser emails for April promised items from Harry Potter, Labyrinth, Uncharted 4, and Vikings. The box this month is a little smaller than the last few months, but still did not fit in the Mailbox


Opened and untouched the only thing that is given away is the T-shirt. LootCrate also decorates the inside of the crate to where it can be used to display items or can be used as part of a game. The top of the box seems to be part of the maze with the LootCrate symbol as goal.


Exclusive Labyrinth T-Shirt (Ripple Junction)

The exclusive shirt features the late David Bowie in his role as the Goblin King. Around him are his minions while Sarah is in the forefront of the shirt. The graphic on the front pops, while the material is a thicker sturdier material than some of the shirts that they have put out. Fans of both Bowie and the movie should enjoy the inclusion of this shirt.

Value: $15

image image

Exclusive Vikings Drinking Horn (Chronicle Collectibles)

Based on the History Channel original series Vikings, the next item is a LootCrate exclusive Drinking Horn. The Horn comes with a strap so that you can put it around your neck and carry it. The actual Horn is plastic and seems like it would not withstand being dropped. It is larger and I would guess that it should be able to hold about 12oz of your favorite beverage. Could be great for a Cosplay outfit but not sure of the practical use for it.

Value: $10 (prices vary on eBay)


Exclusive Harry Potter Socks (Hyp Hosiery)

Voldemorts Horcruxes quest is featured in these exclusive Happy Potter socks. The Socks are made of a super soft material and they run up about half way to the knee and seem to be made for the average foot size. Each part of the quest is represented by both the word and a picture. Harry Potter fans should enjoy these and this is one of the better Harry Potter items they have included.

Value: $8

image IMG_1897

Exclusive D20 Ice Mold (Loot Crate Labs)

Made by Lootcrates in house design group is a 20 side die ice mold. The inside of the mold has numbers etched in it so when the mold is formed the ice will have numbers on it just like an actual 20 side die. This would be great if you planned it out and you were having a geeky party that was serving drinks. Large pieces of ice have also become more popular in cocktails as it takes longer for the ice to melt and water down the taste.

Value: $12 ( Found similar versions online for this price)


Exclusive Uncharted 4 Poster (Sony Playstation)

Featuring Nathan Drake himself this mini poster is a way for Sony to advertise the release of one of their most popular franchises. If you have a rec room or live in a dorm this might be a fun addition to the walls otherwise it is mainly filler.

Value: $1 ?

imageApril LootCrate Pin and Magazine

With the start of the new year LootCrate made the choice to change up their pins and in my opinion it has been for the better. The pins now come with a code fear exclusive content and this months is a companion character for the Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter online game. The Quest magazine always has some fun articles in addition to the explanation of the items in the box. This month they have drink recipes, various letters written from people on Quests, and ways to avoid being sent away on a quest all together.

Value: $1?

Total Value $47

This month they barely made the $45 dollars that they say that you will get, but this is the first month in a long time that was the case. The focus this month seemed to be more on things that you can actually use which goes along with the idea of being on a quest. I am sure people will be disappointed that there was no type of collectible figure this month, but I appreciate LootCrate changing up the types of items that they put in the box rather than the same types every month.


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