Umbrella Corps

Capcom has released Umbrella Corps! It arrived yesterday (June 21, 2016) on PS4 and PC and is available for digital download for $29.99. It features competitive online game play with quick, intense matches. Everything happens throughout compact battle zones themed from Resident Evil environments. The maps include familiar fan-favourite locations like the Village from Resident Evil 4, Raccoon City, the RPD Police Station, Umbrella lab, and more!

There’s an Upgrade Pack featuring a collection of iconic Resident Evil character skins including (but not limited to): Leon, Chris, and Wesker, weapons, patches, custom colours, and emotes. This is available for $14.99 on its own or you can get the Deluxe Edition for $39.99 which includes everything.

Capcom will also be supporting Umbrella Corps with free post-launch DLC in the coming months, including maps based on the Mansion from the first Resident Evil and Lanshiang from Resident Evil 6; as well as a free-for-all ‘4 Survivors’ mode.

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